The 15 Largest Hand Size To Palm A Basketball ? How To Palm A Basketball

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Michael Jordan and Kawhi Leonard. What do these two have in common? They have the biggest hands relative to their size, and that’s saying a lot because the NBA is a melting pot of the elite and the freak athletes. They also do a good job taking advantage of those giant mitts by regularly palming a basketball even under difficult game situations. One thing is sure, though, outside of their natural gifts, basketball superstars like MJ and Kawhi learned how to palm a basketball before they became adept at it.

Now, maybe you’re wondering: Do I really need to know how to palm a basketball? Yes, by all means! Knowing how to palm a basketball helps in ball handling, shooting, dunking, and other bizarre situations, not to mention it looks pretty cool. We hope you’re now ready for this information since we are giving away the secrets of the trade on how to palm a basketball.

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Reverse Curls and Pullups

These exercises are mainly for support grips, but you can modify these exercises so that it will strengthen your pinch grip. How can you do that? Simply use an overhand grip as you hold onto the dumbbells and bars.

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Wrapping Things Up: Palming a Basketball

Palming a basketball is not the most critical skill you can have for the sport, but it gives you lots of advantages. It will help you finish at the rim better, makes your passes more accurate, makes your ball handling tighter, allows you to make plays for others from the post area, among other things.

Now, it’s not all about size when we’re talking about how to palm a basketball. Sure, basketball players with bigger hands may master the skill quicker, but it ultimately depends on the strength of your grip. For that, you can do hand stretches such as the finger, claw, palm, and thumb stretches. 

After that, the next step involves strengthening your pinch grip (You can do this by gripping something by resting it on one thumb on one side and the rest of the fingers on another). This is probably the hardest part because these are not merely stretches to warm your muscles or tendons up; these are exercises that involve hard work. You can do so by using plates (called plate pinching), doing fingertip pushups, or by utilizing an overhand grip while doing curls and pullups.

If you have checked out the videos, most of the tips there revolve, not on pinch grip exercises using weights and other equipment, but by using a basketball. We think that makes absolute sense because, after all, you are learning how to palm a basketball in the first place. 

In this method, banana peel squeezes are particularly useful. It involves passing the ball using your fingertips from your right to left hand with your palms facing upwards, as you make a squeezing motion. Of course, you can’t take for granted the type of basketball that you use because some balls (usually the more expensive ones) are grippier than others. It is a small factor but a factor, nonetheless. 

With all of these said, you can see that knowing how to palm a basketball is more about a sound technique using finger and grip strength over natural talent. After all, not everyone is Michael Jordan. With the tips mentioned in this article, we are hopeful that you’d start training this handy basketball skill and begin dominating the hardcourt in a “gripping” manner.

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