Half court trap basketball

By Dr. James Gels, from the Coach’s Clipboard Basketround Playbook


This 1/2 to 3/4 court trapping push has given us more challenge than any type of various other push we"ve watched. If you have 3 quick, aggressive athletes (X1, X2 and X3), this press deserve to work for you, via only a minimum threat of offering up a lay-up.

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See diagram A. The allude defender X1 comes out past the half-court line and includes the dribbler, forcing the sphere toward one sideline. X1 does not have to be tight on the sphere at this suggest, however simply contain it and direct it toward the side. X1 closes in tight as the round approaches the half-court line.As the ball is dribbled up the side, X3 reads this and slides to the middle, looking to intercept the pass to the middle. X4 slides toward the sideline to intercept a pass up the sideline. X5 reads the offense and if there is an offensive player deep, remains ago as a safety versus the deep pass. If no-one goes deep, X5 can cheat up and towards the middle.If O1 crosses half-court via the dribble, X1 and also X2 stop the round and also trap. Ideally, you want to "invite" the round to come just beyond the half-court line wright here you use the half-court line and the sideline to assist finish the trap. So ordinarily you do not want X2 to come across the line (unless it"s important to sheight a cross-over dribble relocate towards the middle).


Now let"s say that prior to crossing half-court, O1 passes laterally to an additional player (O2) who then strikes up the opposite side (diagram B). In this case, X3 plays the sphere, X1 sprints over to aid and also trap, X2 slides to the middle to intercept the pass to the middle, X5 cheats towards the ball-side sideline, and also X4 is the security (yet aobtain, may cwarm up in the middle if no offensive player goes deep).

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After the pass to O2, X1 applies pressure and gets hands up in the passing lane, to proccasion the lateral pass ago to O1. Once O2 crosses half-court, the lateral pass is a difficult pass and also can conveniently go "over-and-back" throughout the half-court line, especially if great press is put on the passer.

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Looking at the lateral pass aacquire in diagram B, if the offense seems to be favoring a lateral pass to O2, periodically X1 deserve to anticipate this pass and also obtain right into that passing lane, deflect the pass, intercept and take it for a lay-up.In summary: it"s a issue of maintaining the sphere out of the middle, and also stopping it along the sidelines. When the sphere is dribbled up the sideline, the defender denying the middle pass (X2) need to not leave to trap till the weakside top defender (X3) have the right to get tright here to deny the middle pass. This takes some quickness and also anticipation from the optimal three defenders - quickness, lengthy arms and also athleticism. The two bottom players (X4 and X5) need to sheight the pass to the high write-up and ballside sideline, and also give aid to speak the dribble when the press is beaten.

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