Gwen Stefani “Sexy New Lingerie” For Blake Shelton Birthday Is Made-Up Story

A story claiming Gwen Stefani spent thousands of dollars on “sexy new lingerie” for Blake Shelton‘s birthday was made up, Gossip Cop can reveal. The tall tale comes from the same fabrication factory that has published countless manufactured “exclusives” about the couple.

We’re talking about HollywoodLife, of course, which is trying to capitalize on Shelton’s upcoming birthday. With the country superstar set to turn 41 on Sunday, the serial fabricators have crafted a number of “exclusives” tied to the occasion. For instance, one post asserted Stefani has “mixed emotions” over his birthday because it coincides with Father’s Day, while another contended Shelton was hoping to celebrate with her in Oklahoma.

While those two contentions may sound plausible, a third story on the subject is beyond dubious. “Gwen Stefani Planning To Blow Blake Shelton’s Mind With Sexy New Lingerie On His Birthday,” announces the headline. HollywoodLies alleges in the piece that the No Doubt front woman is “planning on pleasing him in every way possible — including in the bedroom! Ow! Ow!”

Although there’s no explicit mention of sex, there’s the claim that Stefani has spent a “pretty penny” on presents for Shelton, and “one of her biggest expenditures is the underwear she’s purchased for the occasion.” The webloid quotes a so-called “insider” as saying, “Gwen spent a few thousand on new lingerie too, she’s planning to totally blow his mind and make it the best birthday ever.”

What “insider” would be talking to a disreputable gossip site, or any outlet really, about Stefani’s lingerie purchases? What “source” would dish on her plans for “pleasing him… in the bedroom”? HollywoodLies has crafted a lot of suspect stories about the couple over the last year and a half, but this one is especially worthy of raising an eyebrow.

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It is ridiculous and absurd for the outlet to think readers should take such an “exclusive” seriously. Of course, Gossip Cop actually doubts that the online publication even cares whether or not its articles are taken seriously. The only goal is to score traffic by offering Google and fans original content. But given the claims here, and HollywoodLies’ history, this is quite obviously a story that should be taken with a (pretty big) grain of salt and an eye roll.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.

View more information: https://www.gossipcop.com/gwen-stefani-lingerie-blake-shelton-birthday-made-up-story/48380/

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