Gwen Stefani Never Dumped Blake Shelton A Year Ago, Despite Report

Gwen Stefani never dumped Blake Shelton, despite a report a year ago that claimed she was breaking up with the country superstar. Gossip Cop busted the untrue allegation when it first came out, and now time has proven we were right. Stefani and Shelton are happily still together today.

But on April 19, 2017, Life & Style published a cover story announcing, “Gwen Dumps Blake… But She’s Still Having A Baby!” The article alleged, “Gwen has already made the decision that it’s over; she’s dumped Blake.” It was specifically claimed that Stefani “decided to pull the plug on her relationship” because she was “unsure they can ever come to an agreement over big issues like kids and where to live.”

“All talk of getting married or having a baby has stopped,” a so-called “source” contended to the tabloid, adding, “They just live two completely different lifestyles, and now it’s humiliating for Gwen to admit that the relationship is done.” Despite the supposed split, the magazine maintained Stefani was going to move forward with an adoption on her own.

Here’s where it got really bizarre: After going on and on about how Stefani “dumped Blake” and their relationship was “over,” the outlet claimed she still had to “officially let Blake know they’re done.” The purported tipster alleged she was “terrified” to “end it.” Yes, the publication printed a cover that announced “Gwen Dumps Blake,” only to bury an admission inside the story that no breakup actually happened.

It was readily apparent the tabloid just wanted to dupe readers and trick them into thinking the couple had split when they hadn’t. What’s more is that in addition to Stefani’s spokesperson telling Gossip Cop on the record that the report was “B.S.,” the rep also confirmed to us that the magazine never bothered to fact-check its contentions with her camp before running them. Had they actually sought verification, as is the proper protocol for journalists, the outlet would’ve learned that there was absolutely no truth to its claims that Stefani wanted to end her romance with Shelton.

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And in the 365 days that have gone by, the No Doubt singer has done the opposite of dumping her boyfriend. She’s put up a united front again and again. Just last week, Stefani had Shelton join her at an event celebrating her upcoming Las Vegas residency. Two days later, they attended the ACM Awards together. And less than 24 hours ago, on Wednesday’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” Stefani shared an amusing story about one of Shelton’s ex-girlfriends having posters of her on her wall. Unlike that girl, Stefani is still in a relationship with him.

At another point during the late-night TV appearance, when a childhood photo featuring Stefani with an unflattering hairstyle was shown, she quipped, “I just think that me and Blake were always meant to be together because look, I have a little mullet, [too].” Clearly dumping Shelton still isn’t on her mind. And it seems Life & Style wants readers to forget it ever published such a narrative.

Earlier this month, the tabloid released a new cover story claiming Stefani is pregnant and planning a wedding with Shelton. There was no explanation for its previous claims about a split and no acknowledgment that the magazine’s breakup allegations had been wrong. As it turned out, the publication was also wrong here, too. Stefani’s rep told Gossip Cop that the purported plans for marriage and a baby were “untrue.” It’s evident from all of this that the outlet simply shouldn’t be trusted when it comes to reporting on the couple.

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