Gwen Stefani Did NOT Suffer Two Miscarriages This Year, Despite Report

Gwen Stefani did not suffer two miscarriages this year, despite a shameful new report. Disgustingly, this untrue claim comes from the same tabloid that also wrongly alleged she had a miscarriage in 2016. Gossip Cop can expose the fabrications.

In March of 2016, Star published a completely false cover story claiming friends were speculating Stefani had suffered a miscarriage after supposedly becoming pregnant with Blake Shelton‘s child (see below). The month before, however, her spokesperson had already confirmed to Gossip Cop that she wasn’t expecting. The tabloid had no proof for its article claiming otherwise. That same week, sister publication National Enquirer ran its own story alleging Stefani was in “miscarriage hell.” That outlet also had no evidence, aside from a paparazzi photo in which she happened to have her hand over her stomach.

The miscarriage narratives were entirely manufactured, and incredibly, were concocted again two years later. In February of 2018, RadarOnline, which is a sister site to both tabloids, claimed Stefani had “suffered a devastating miscarriage” that was putting purported wedding plans “in jeopardy.” There was nothing to back up the contentions, and the entire tale, Stefani’s rep told Gossip Cop, was “made-up.” Days later, the Enquirer ran virtually the same exact story in its print edition, again alleging Stefani had a miscarriage with Shelton’s baby, even though there was still nothing to substantiate such claims.

Now a few months have gone by, and the gossip media is at it again. A teaser on the front of the latest issue of Star exclaims, “Gwen’s Tragic Miscarriage!” Inside the edition, it’s asserted Stefani has “suffered her second miscarriage this year.” An unnamed, unidentifiable “source” is quoted as saying, “She was at home when it happened. Blake was with her. The cramping began, and she knew what was happening.” The supposed snitch continues, “Going to the doctor confirmed Gwen’s worst fear — she had miscarried again.”

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The magazine goes on to regurgitate the bogus miscarriage claims from February to support the contention that she had “already endured one failed pregnancy earlier this year.” It’s alleged that after that experience, Stefani and Shelton “put their baby dreams on pause,” but had a “change of heart” this spring. “She got pregnant almost immediately,” contends a purported “friend.” The outlet maintains Stefani was “almost a month” along when “things took a turn for the worse in late May.”

“She really thought this pregnancy was going to take. This second time around, it’s just been terrible for Gwen,” asserts the alleged pal. Of course, the notion that any real “friend” would be leaking such private information to the tabloids is preposterous. It’s also telling that this story makes no mention of the miscarriage Stefani supposedly suffered in 2016.

It should also be noted that if the songstress was in fact pregnant last month, she likely would’ve had to cancel her upcoming Las Vegas residency. The dates for Stefani’s residency are scheduled through March of 2019, which wouldn’t be feasible with a pregnancy. The magazine doesn’t acknowledge that logic flaw, and only brings up the residency to say the “baby drama hasn’t stopped the rich girl from her exciting new venture.” The “rich girl” description is a nod to Stefani’s song of the same name. This story is actually filled with puns from the No Doubt front woman’s discography, which is an odd choice considering the seriousness of the subject matter.

Irrespective of that, the only “baby drama” is that which has come from the tabloids. Star and its ilk have a history of baselessly claiming Stefani has suffered miscarriages, something she herself has never said. And no reputable publication has ever reported on this topic, either. Additionally, the tabloid only has anonymous, unidentifiable sources for its claims and doesn’t seem to realize a pregnancy wouldn’t even fit into Stefani’s life right now due to her career obligations.

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And on top of everything Gossip Cop has pointed out to prove this latest miscarriage report is meritless, we also spoke with Stefani’s spokesperson, who flat-out calls this storyline a “lie,” just like the ones that came before it. Lastly, while the tabloid claims she is doing “terrible,” Stefani just posted a picture on Instagram Tuesday showing herself smiling as she and Shelton go for a boat ride. Again, the only actual “drama” is what the tabloids shamefully create.


Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.

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