Gwen Stefani And Blake Shelton Secretly Married, Planning Second Public Wedding, Per Report

Are Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton already married? Multiple reports are promising details about their secret wedding. Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Sweet Escape’

According to the National Enquirer, Stefani and Shelton have accidentally let it slip that they’ve already gotten married. Stefani posted a photo of herself to Instagram with the caption “she’s getting married,” and was soon photographed with a new ring on her finger. An insider says “they’re being very cagey but giving every impression they tied the knot in secret at Blake’s ranch in Oklahoma.”

Shelton’s been hard at work preparing the ranch for the wedding, but the pandemic has necessitated a smaller wedding. Insiders suspect that Stefani may have signed some brand tie-ins for the big day, which prevents her from confirming the secret ceremony. A source concludes “they’ve waited so long – no one would be surprised if they went for two weddings.”

‘Secretly Married’

This has quickly become a popular story, and Gossip Cop found a nearly identical version in OK!. It noted the Instagram post and subsequent ring sighting. A source tells it, “they had definitely looked into the option of getting the formalities done privately.’” The source adds, “they’ll certainly still want a bash to celebrate.”

Keeping It Vague

Gossip Cop first needs to point out that the National Enquirer and OK! share a parent company and it’s pretty common for tabloids to share stories in an effort to sound more authoritative. 

These so-called sources are supposedly insiders, but they don’t actually know any actual details whatsoever. Both outlets keep the guest list sparse with “close family and friends,” but shouldn’t the insiders be able to name names? There’s no actual inside information to be gleaned.

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All the tabloids can do is speculate on what the couple could do. Both conclude that Shelton and Stefani will have two weddings, which is frankly a cop-out. It’s a way for the tabloid to save face in case the couple is “secretly married” and/or does plan to have a big wedding. It just exposes how little these tabloids actually know.

In reality, all these tabloids really know about are things Gossip Cop has already covered: the Instagram post and subsequent ring photo. A source recently told People that Stefani and Shelton “can’t wait” for the big day, so it looks like there will definitely be a proper ceremony. One thing is for sure: these tabloids know nothing.

Other Myths

The Enquirer regularly promotes conflict between Stefani and Shelton as well. It said they were living separate lives last year, and later said they were arguing over the wedding. Obviously, these stories were made up, as Stefani and Shelton are still together and happy. This tabloid is a joke, and you can disregard its wedding news.

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