Gwen Stefani And Blake Shelton Might Break Up Over Their Schedules: Report

According to one celebrity source, musical power couple Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton could split as a result of their different career paths. While they’ve put up a strong front, the insider says, there’s trouble brewing. Gossip Cop investigates.

It Might Be Over For Gwen And Blake?

“Gwen & Blake Torn Apart: Separate Lives Pushed Them To The Brink,” reads the National Enquirer. In February, the magazine reported that the “loved-up” couple were headed for a bad end after the two announced their separate plans for the next few months. The distance between Stefani’s residency in Vegas and Shelton’s Friends and Heroes tour would be disastrous, explained a very confident insider. “It’s the first significant amount of time they’ve had apart in years, if ever, and the strain is already showing on their faces,” they said.

“A lot of people around them wonder if their love can stand the test.”

“They swear to anyone who’ll listen that the distance will only make their hearts grow fonder, but Blake is already having serious doubts about spending that much time apart!” In what only be described as alien-like phrasing, the outlet pointed out that “songbird Gwen, 50, leaned on Blake, 43, for emotional support early in their relationship.” However, the magazine added, things have changed over the years. It’s a little bizarre to frame an emotionally supportive relationship, platonic or romantic, as noteworthy in the first place.

“Blake and Gwen spend almost every hour of the waking day together,” the tipster continued. “From the time they met on The Voice to the time they spend with her kids, they’re rarely, if ever, apart. He’s become totally reliant on Gwen to the point of obsession! Blake starts thinking men are chasing after her if she’s gone for more than a few hours, let alone months!”

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Will Gwen Stefani Get Married Again?

The Enquirer then cited its previous reporting on Shelton and Stefani’s relationship woes, such as their squabbles over their living situation and Stefani’s need for the Catholic Church to issue an annulment of her previous marriage to Gavin Rossdale before wedding Shelton. The article concluded with “friends” calling it an “impending separation,” but the outlet tempered that claim by adding that Stefani’s “Sin City” residency and Shelton’s “screaming female fans” may help break the apparently strained relationship. “This will be their biggest test yet!” the snitch said.

The outlet actually doubled down on the breakup angle this year, and it even published another piece of gossip about Stefani and Shelton fighting about their careers this past March. Within just a few weeks, the tabloid went from proclaiming that Shelton was basically obsessed with his partner in this rumor to scrambling to make up for his constant dismissals of her in the March article. Of course, the inconsistency comes as no surprise.


Since the Enquirer wants to rely on its past reporting, we felt it made sense to play by their rules and bring up the fact that the magazine was certain that Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton had already gotten married — and even had a baby — back in early March 2019. At the end of that month, the outlet published the frequently-debunked narrative about Stefani’s need for an annulment before exchanging vows with Shelton.


The Stefani-Shelton Wedding Isn’t Happening (Yet)

Of course, with the global pandemic raging and most people quarantining with their significant others, this story looks pretty silly. We weren’t counting on a tabloid to be up to date with epidemiology or anything, but it’s a little funny how even the universe seems to have rejected this narrative. It isn’t hard to dismiss after all. What sort of real insider, regardless of whether they’re supposed to be close to Shelton or Stefani or involved in the music industry, would argue that two career performers with millions in the bank would struggle with being apart for a bit? It wasn’t even like Stefani was touring Europe — she’d be in Vegas the entire time, which is an awfully easy flight plan from anywhere on Shelton’s now-delayed tour.

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Besides, we’ve investigated countless rumors about Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani in the past few years. Time and time again, the tabloids have been dead wrong about the couple. We’re confident in calling this latest breakup gossip bogus. After all, what real “friends” of either star would think that the relationship was in a tailspin when it’s been nothing but positive news from the couple?

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.

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