Garth Brooks And Trisha Yearwood Giving Up On Losing Weight In Quarantine?

According to one very personal report, Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood are throwing in the towel on improving their health after years of trying. Considering how everyone’s feeling about lockdown and the “quarantine 15,” it isn’t exactly an unfamiliar story. Here’s what’s going on.

The Globe says that “Fat’s Where It’s At For Garth & Trisha” as the two “country heavyweights stop dieting for good.” The outlet reports that the couple has given up on working on their health and have decided to “live their lives fat and happy” after too many failed diet programs. “They’ve both been on so many diets that failed that they’ve given up,” an anonymous source says. “They gave getting slim a good shot and were going okay for a while, but ultimately, it’s a nightmare. They can’t face dieting every day. Munching on vegetables was a total bore and it really dragged them down.”

The outlet says that the two topped the scales a few months ago. “They’re sick and tired of feeling worn out and sluggish all the time,” the same tipster shares. Confusingly, the outlet says that Brooks and Yearwood then lost 20 pounds each and then gave up because “their lifestyle made long-term dieting taboo,” other sources claim. “Their whole world revolves around cooking and hanging out for hours at the dinner table and finishing the meal with one of Trisha’s delicious desserts,” the original insider says, pointing to Yearwood’s cooking show.

“She’s surrounded by butter and cream,” they claim. “She has to taste everything and she can’t resist polishing off the whole dish once the cameras go off, especially when it’s mac and cheese or cake.” Brooks, meanwhile, apparently can’t resist cheesecake brownies and struggled to give them up. “Now they’re saying the hell with it, they’re going to eat what they want and as much as they want,” the source says. Although the two will continue to work out and exercise, “they’ll never be skinny like Tim McGraw and Faith Hill.” After all, “life’s too short to sweat the small stuff like how you look!”

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The Two Country Stars Are Doing Just Fine

While it is true that life’s too short to worry about what other people think, it’s also too short to spend making up weird stories about Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood. There’s a lot of problematic language in this story, including the constant implying that dieting is just eating a bunch of raw vegetables or that Yearwood can only make cartoonishly unhealthy treats. To clarify, dieting doesn’t necessarily involve giving up on sweets or flavors. It can involve zero changes in what someone eats and only affects how much they eat. It’s an entirely personal thing that’s no one’s business but the dieter.

Yearwood’s done her fair share of health-oriented recipes, and it’s just plain mean to imply that two veterans of the entertainment world are too slovenly and weak-willed to not overdose on desserts. Yearwood herself has praised her husband for being supportive of her in quarantine. “I live with a guy who always sees the bright side so, I think that he might need therapy once we get through this, but he has been a really wonderful source of strength for me,” she told ET.


The tabloid bizarrely counters its narrative by reporting that Brooks and Yearwood were at an uncomfortable place, shed several pounds, and then found themselves at a happy and healthy weight — that sounds a lot like a successful diet. The country duo performs pretty much every week together for a virtual audience, so they’re obviously not having any problems with their lifestyles. The only problem we’re seeing here is one publication’s passion for repeatedly calling a couple fat for effectively no reason. The fact is that their weight is not any of our business, nor is it any of the Globe‘s.

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How Many Celebrity Crises Are There?

This tabloid just seems to love coming up with bogus rumors about long-standing couples, including Brooks and Yearwood, so we’re not inclined to trust its insight. At the beginning of this year, it dedicated an entire cover story to a rumor about the two divorcing over Miranda Lambert. Before that, it reported that the marriage had exploded in October 2019. In fact, if it isn’t claiming that a relationship is falling apart, it’s harping on someone else’s health and appearance.

The Globe recently published a mocking story about Russell Crowe struggling to lose weight to try and star in Gladiator 2. It made up a weirdly insulting rumor about Katie Holmes trying to get surgery for her “ugly” feet. At this point, the magazine needs to take some of its own advice and realize that life is too short for cruelty.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop can’t say for sure, but this is most likely false, given the evidence.

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