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Hi there! My name"s Wilt. I"m a small tall, and also a small damaged, yet that"s okay. We love visitors below at Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends, so please don"t hesitate to ask me anything!

((Independent askblog for Wilt Michaels; willing to get involved in full roleplays using fanmail, however will just write-up question responses on this blog))

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Well, that’s a difficult one. Is that okay? My friends at Foster’s make me really happy, of course. And I really can’t thank Madame Foster sufficient for taking me in, and for taking treatment of every one of us, and for helping us assist youngsters who require us.

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But appropriate now, there’s really simply one person that provides me feel happier than I think I’ve ever been.


I guess it makes me feel pretty selfish to say it… And I’m sorry. But it’s definitely Jordan. With luck… One day I’ll discover one more child who makes me just as happy as Jordan does, and who demands me favor he did.

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Anonymous sent:
*picks up your basketround and also holds a needle centimeters away from it* oh WIIILLLTTTT~

Oh dear, please don’t-


Hey, wait a minute! I’m sorry, yet basketballs actually aren’t that vulnerable.


Basketballs are designed to take the majority of punishment. They’ve got to be dribbled all around the court, thrvery own around, and slam dunked, so they’re pretty sturdy! A simple needle wouldn’t be able to pierce the tough rubber shell on the outside, let alone the layers of fiber and the rubber bladder on the inside. I once saw a video clip of somebody trying to puncture a basketball with a knife, and also she was trying for periods and ages!

I think my basketsphere is going to be fine, however you really shouldn’t be playing through needles (and definitely not knives!), okay?

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I’m sorry for the hiatus, however I was away visiting Jordan. I had actually an okay - no, it was even more than okay, I had an excellent time! I’m earlier currently though, and also I’ll execute my finest to answer all your inquiries aacquire. Sorry!

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Anonymous sent:
Does Bloo play pranks on you males a lot?


You might say that.

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Happy Valentine’s day from 1980s Michael Jordan!

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otherbutloads sent:
What are your thoughts on that rabbit butler, eh?


Oh, you mean Mr. Harriman? He does a great task of running this place! Although, I’m sorry, yet he have the right to be a tiny strict sometimes. I don’t knowhow many times he’s told me off for playing basketround inside the house. Doesn’t he know that it deserve to be an indoor sport as well?

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condescendingladycrocker sent:
--Ever tried Better Crocker cake? 38)


Once or twice.

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adorable-avacaperform sent:
On a range of one to ten, just how cute would certainly bunnybears be? And that would certainly win in a cuteness contest: Bunnybear or Kittenseal?


I’m sorry, however I don’t know what either of those points are! They both sound very cute, though. Um, I don’t think I’d be qualified to judge a cuteness contest… If I had actually to pick, though, I think I’d have to choose the Kittenseal! I’m sorry, yet baby pets favor kittens are always going to be cuter than grvery own bears. That’s simply my opinion though, is that okay? You most likely shouldn’t pay a lot attention to it.

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Anonymous sent:
Hi! You so cute!^^ How lengthy have you been in Foster"s home?

Well, hi there!

I’m sorry, yet execute you really think so? Thank you exceptionally much!


I expect I’ve been below a long time currently. Around two years, I guess. I don’t mind, though; Madame Foster, Frankie and also Mr. Herriman have actually always looked after us really well.

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I hope that’s an okay answer.

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Hi there! The name’s Wilt. My frifinish Coco told me that I should set up an askblog - is that okay?I’m not rather sure what I’m intended to carry out here… But if you have any inquiries, I’d be happy to answer them!

Oh, I’m sorry, I’ve been talking about myself for far also lengthy. I’ll let you get on with whatever it is you were doing prior to I interrupted. Sorry!

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