‘Flabby’ Heather Locklear Want To Lose Major Weight Before Wedding, Get Back To 115 Pounds?

Is Heather Locklear determined to “whip herself into shape” by dropping down to her Melrose Place weight by the end of this summer to prepare for her wedding? A tabloid reports this week that the star is anxious to get back down to 115 pounds and is hitting the gym every day to achieve her goal. Gossip Cop looks into the report. 

Heather Locklear In The Gym Daily To Drop Serious Weight?

“Heather’s Blubber Gets The Heave-Ho” screams the headline out of the most recent edition of National Enquirer. The tabloid claims “hefty” Heather Locklear wants to get back to her “Melrose Place-era weight of 115 pounds” in time for her upcoming wedding to high school sweetheart Chris Heisser. 

According to a so-called tipster, the “flabby” 59-year-old actress’ new determination to drop some serious weight has been fueled by rampant “online criticism.” Gossip Cop can’t help but find that claim a bit ironic since in the short opening paragraph, the tabloid refers to Locklear as “hefty” and “flabby.” 

Regardless of the tabloid’s childish taunts and clear bias, the alleged “pal” insists that Locklear is “hitting the gym hard every day, eating healthy and cutting out junk food, while easing up on the Botox.” By the time summer comes to an end, Locklear wants “to be a few dress sizes down,” the source continues. 

“Heather is a true survivor who’s been to hell and back — but having the love of her life by her side and a wedding to plan is giving her a lot of joy.” The outlet, never one to miss the opportunity to rehash some of the darkest events of a celebrity’s life, naturally dives into Locklear’s past struggles with addiction and brushes with the law, which includes two domestic disturbance arrests. Despite these struggles, Locklear recently celebrated two years of sobriety and seems to be in a really good place in her life. 

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The Enquirer goes on to reference it’s previous reporting, neecer a smart idea for an outlet that’s as wrong as often as it is, that Locklear was getting cold feet about the wedding, but supposed insiders insist that she’s had a change of heart and is now “raring to run to the altar!” A “friend” tattles, “She’s learning to relax and enjoy life. Now she’s looking forward to the wedding.” 

What’s Going On With Heather Locklear?

If this article seems like it goes all over the place, you’re not incorrect to think that. Though the headline makes the reader think the story will be all about Locklear’s weight-loss struggle, but after calling the actress a few nasty names, the article abruptly changes course. It’s obvious to Gossip Cop that this tabloid had no real information to back up its insulting claims, which is why it had to fill the remaining space with old news about Locklear’s previous struggles with addiction and her alleged cold feet. 

Ironically, one of the Enquirer’s sister outlets, Star, had the exact opposite report to make in its latest addition. That outlet claims that Locklear is more focused on her mental health and feeling good in her body rather than worrying about losing weight. Having spent years “starving herself” to fit into skimpy costumes, Star continues, Locklear decided to give up drastic diets in order to complement her new wellness-first lifestyle. 

In fact, a source told that outlet, “She realizes she probably will never fit into those tiny skirts she wore on Melrose Place again, but that’s O.K.” Though we’re always loath to believe anything the tabloids report, the second report rings more true. Of course the nearly 60-year-old actress doesn’t realistically believe that she can get back to the size she was when she was a young woman in her 20s. 

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This tabloid specifically seems to be utterly obsessed with Heather Locklear’s figure. Toxic report after report has appeared in its pages mocking Locklear’s weight gain. Gossip Cop called the outlet out several months ago for claiming the star’s sobriety and tensions with her fiancé were to blame for her fuller figure. We called it what it really was: a transparent attempt to body shame a woman in order to get some cheap laughs. 

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