Fans Concerned About Ryan Adams Mental Health After Recent Social Media Posts

Disgraced musician Ryan Adams has worried fans after deleting a distressing Instagram post. Gossip Cop has the latest.

History Lesson

For decades, Grammy-nominated artist Ryan Adams was an indy and alternative country legend. His album Heartbreaker got a coveted 9.0 from Pitchfork, ensuring his status as a critical darling with a cult following. By 2004, he had numerous successful projects and his own label, PAX-AM records.

Flash forward to 2021, and his legend and reputation have been completely tarnished. Adams stands accused of sexual misconduct by several women, including Phoebe Bridgers and his ex-wife Mandy Moore. The fallout amid the MeToo movement was swift, with his concert tour getting canceled. Adams is now as known for getting Me-Too’d as he ever was for his music.

The Statement

Last summer, Adams released a lengthy statement to the Daily Mail where he expressed regret. He said, “All I can say is that I’m sorry. It’s that simple. This period of isolation and reflection made me realize that I needed to make significant changes in my life.” He also explained that he was now sober. He would also release a few albums soon after, which did about as well as his previous records had. It charted in Europe but didn’t make an impact in America.

The Instagram Post

Yesterday, Adams took to Instagram and pleaded with his followers to give him money. In a now-deleted Instagram post, he wrote: “I have no record deal. I’m kinda broke. I have no friends,” and said his cat died. He then lamented a lack of merch store or ownership of his old material. He continued to lash out in the comments section, saying he was not loaded.

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This is a bad look from a man clearly in need of help. It’s difficult to feel sympathy for Adams, for this situation is purely of his own doing. After his years-worth of sexual abuse stories came to light, it’s not hard to imagine why old friends and record companies would want nothing to do with him.

Even beyond the MeToo fallout, Adams could self-release albums, and could easily open up his own merch store as thousands of other up-and-coming musicians have. Not owning his old music is a drag, but it’s not uncommon for musicians. His remaining fans have been left concerned by the post, and for his wellbeing in general. He did delete the post, so perhaps a cooler head prevailed.

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