Faith Hill Facing Throat Cancer Fears?

Faith Hill is not facing “throat cancer fears,” despite a completely false tabloid report. Gossip Cop can debunk this bogus report. A rep for the singer says she’s simply not having any health issues.

However, an alleged insider tells the National Enquirer that the country star “has been having massive problems with her throat” which has left her “terrified.” The supposed source continues, “Faith just doesn’t feel like herself. She has trouble keeping weight on, her voice comes and goes, and she gets sore throats repeatedly.”

The outlet’s questionable tipster goes on to say that Hill and her husband Tim McGraw have been “praying for the best while preparing for the worst.” The suspicious source adds, “Faith has been struggling… Her vocal stamina is at an all-time low.” The seemingly made-up insider concludes, “We’re concerned about her life!”

Despite what the tabloid’s anonymous source says, Hill’s own spokesperson insists she’s not having a health crisis. In fact, Hill and McGraw just added dates to their Soul2Soul World Tour, which will run throughout most of 2018. If the singer’s throat was really in bad shape, she obviously wouldn’t have the ability to go on the road and perform several times a week. Regardless, the country star’s rep confirms that she’s perfectly fine.

It should be noted, this isn’t the first time we’ve had to call out the Enquirer for pushing this false narrative. Gossip Cop busted the publication last year for similarly reporting that Hill’s friends were worried she was secretly battling throat cancer. That story emerged simply because the singer had to cancel one concert after doctors placed her on a two-day vocal rest. Hill went right back to performing without issue following the brief break.

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Meanwhile, the magazine’s sister publication, Star, falsely claimed in January that Hill was dumping McGraw after years of growing apart. In the months since Gossip Cop busted that story, the happy spouses have continued touring together. The gossip media clearly knows very little about the singer’s personal life, her health and marriage included. This latest article about Hill’s nonexistent “throat cancer fears” is more lies.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.

View more information: https://www.gossipcop.com/faith-hill-throat-cancer-fears-false/53136/

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