Everything You Want To Know About Jenna Marbles’ Dogs

Jenna Marbles may be a famous YouTube star, but it’s her dogs that get all the attention. Jenna counts four dogs as members of her family: Marbles, Kermit, Peach, and Bunny. Each pup has enough personality to be a star on their own, but together, they are a trio wholly deserving of their internet fame.


Marbles, the dog, is Jenna’s little namesake. The chihuahua, who was born in 2008, was Jenna’s first dog. He’s described as very sweet and loving, while being the alpha male of the group. Marbles isn’t very bright, though, but that just makes him all the more lovable. When Jenna pitted his intelligence against a hamster’s, Marbles’ performance was less than stellar. In fact, it was downright poor, and his reaction time was hilariously slow. Marbles is a very laid-back, calm dog, which leads many commenters to joke that the dog is actually dead due to his lack of motion.

The nearly 12-year-old dog had all of his teeth removed in December 2018 to reduce tooth pains and seems to be getting along very well without them. He’s a quirky old boy who refuses to eat his food out of a dish or bowl. He prefers to eat his meals directly off the floor. Speaking of floors, Marbles also refuses to sit on hard surfaces; only soft surfaces will do for this very good boy. Jenna was able to teach Marbles to sit on a hard floor in a video she uploaded to her YouTube channel, but he’d forgotten everything he’d learned by the next day.

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Next up is Kermit the Italian Greyhound, Jenna’s second dog and first “iggy,” a cutesy name for Italian Greyhounds. Nicknamed “Nasty Boy,” Kermit is responsible for much of the dog drama that goes on in the house. He’s 9 years old and has also had many of his teeth removed, leaving only 3 behind, but that hasn’t slowed him down one bit.

Among Kermit’s many quirks is a deep love for soap, especially Irish Spring. He’ll rub his head on it and, if he gets the chance, he’ll even try to eat it. He also seems to have a special vendetta against people’s feet, namely Jenna and her boyfriend, Julien Solomita. He’ll often bite at them for no reason at all.


Peach is Kermit’s biological half-sister, but that doesn’t stop Jenna Marbles from calling her Kermit’s wife. It’s a strange family dynamic, but it works for them. She’s owned by Solomita. Like Kermit, Peach is also an Italian Greyhound. Peach is one of Jenna’s youngest dogs. Born in 2014, she’s only about 6 years old. She definitely has the most energy out of the bunch and is probably also the smartest.


Jenna’s latest addition to the family is Bunny, the second female in the bunch. Unlike her two Italian Greyhounds, Bunny is a full-sized Greyhound. She’s shyer and more timid than her older siblings, preferring to keep to herself when she eats and sleeps. Bunny is Jenna’s first rescue dog and joined the family as an adult in 2019.

Jenna Marbles and Solomita had a lot of work to do in order to acclimate Bunny to their family. She had to be taught to use stairs and had to overcome a fear of television screens before she really felt at home. Bunny makes an excellent addition to the family, despite her early difficulties, and it feels like she’s been around forever.

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