Elton John Making ‘Rocketman’ Sequel About His Feud With Madonna?

In 2002, Elton John publicly bashed Madonna’s Bond theme for Die Another Day to Sky News, calling it “the worst Bond tune ever.” While he later said in the same interview he was a fan of the Queen of Pop, it did not matter. A feud between the music legends was born. Now, one tabloid claims that the feud was not only over, but that the two are making a movie about it. Gossip Cop investigates. 

From Foes To Filmmakers?

New Idea reported that John and Madonna were seen out having dinner together in Los Angeles — leading the publication to speculate that their feud had finally subsided. An unnamed insider corroborated the story and dropped the news that the pair of unlikely friends were joining together for a new project: a movie about said feud. 

“Madonna has long found Elton so hypocritical while he calls her a fairground stripper. But Elton’s had the movie bug since Rocketman and Madonna’s love of motion pictures is no secret,” the source spilled, mentioning John’s 2019 Oscar-winning biopic and Madonna’s dramatic turns as Evita, Desperately Seeking Susan, and A League of Their Own. 

The publication alleges the pair agree that the narrative style should be similar to My Week With Marilyn, which would dramatize a select moment in the feud. “Elton and Madge want to tell the story of the greatest musical feud spanning two decades. Even they know it’s juicy, so they’re willing to work through their past for the best and worst. And surprisingly they’re finding a lot of common ground,” the insider divulged. 

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Elton John Making A New Movie?

Whoever said that John and Madonna’s spat is the “greatest musical feud” clearly has not seen Amadeus or Straight Outta Compton. This whole story is so bizarre and not true. First off, the dinner the two supposedly shared never happened. Yes, they both frequent the restaurant, but never together or at the same time. The photo the magazine uses of John and Madonna together is clearly photoshopped. 

Also, reputable film news outlets like Deadline, Variety, or The Hollywood Reporter have not made any indication a project like that is even in the works. While Rocketman did well, the movie version of barbs traded back and forth in the press would not translate well on screen. Additionally, John has been involved in the film industry off and on for years. It’s silly to think he’s only just discovered the rockstar biopic. No such project is in the works — not a TV show, not a movie, not even a season of Ryan Murphy’s Feud

New Idea has gotten the facts wrong in previous stories about both musicians before. It claimed Alicia Vikander replaced the “Papa Don’t Preach” singer for the Harper’s Bazaar’s April 2019 cover when she was never involved with the issue in the first place. Last year, the same publication reported John was financially devastated after having to cancel his farewell tour. In reality, the dates had been postponed due to the pandemic, and John had no financial trouble whatsoever.

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