Ellen DeGeneres Planning Comeback Already?

Back in May, Ellen DeGeneres announced her talk show reign would be coming to an end in 2022. One tabloid is claiming the comedian is not retiring after the show’s 19th season. Gossip Cop investigates the allegations. 

DeGeneres Wants To Keep Swimming?

Star wants its readers to know DeGeneres “has no desire to go away.” Her show, which has been on the air since 2003, was criticized last year after reports came out the host fostered a hostile and “toxic work environment.” Some producers on the show were accused of racist remarks and sexual harassment. While the choice to stop the show seems to have come from DeGeneres herself, the outlet makes it seem like the Finding Nemo star was being pushed out due to the scandal. “She’s determined to make a comeback and redeem herself. The idea of beginning fresh is very exciting to her,” an unnamed inside source told the outlet. 

As for her next steps, the source indicated DeGeneres “wants to get back to her roots and do more stand-up and perhaps a streaming special or a podcast.” In 2019, the former stand-up comedian released her special Relatable, her first in 16 years since Ellen DeGeneres: Here and Now. “Ellen feels she had a good run on her show, but she’s already saying, ‘I’ll be back!’” the source finished. 

The Article Sends Mixed Messages

The way the article is initially worded is misleading. It makes it seem like DeGeneres has plans to continue her current show, which is not the case. The Ellen host told Today’s Savannah Guthrie that she originally thought she would end the show after season 16 at the beginning of Donald Trump’s presidency. She ultimately chose to stay on. “I thought I was going to sign on for one more year. [NBC] wanted me to sign for four more years and we kind of split the difference,” she recalled. “But I knew that three years was going to be it.” That takes us up until this upcoming 19th season. “19 is good. Who cares about a round number. One is the beginning. Nine is the end, so it’s a beginning of a new chapter for me and the end of this chapter.” 

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Is the tabloid right that DeGeneres is moving on? Yes. Did the outlet frame it in a purposefully deceiving way? Yes again. This is not the first time the outlet has lied or twisted the truth about the 63-year-old. DeGeneres was apparently set on having Meghan Markle reveal secrets on her normally happy and positive talk show. In another report, the magazine claimed DeGeneres’s marriage to Portia de Rossi was at stake and the pair had to set rules with each other in order to save their marriage. In September 2019, the same outlet said DeGeneres refused to quit the show to move to her wife’s native Australia. As it turns out, the tabloid was wrong about both allegations and Gossip Cop was right.

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