Ellen DeGeneres Losing Celebrity Guests To Kelly Clarkson?

Is Ellen Show host Ellen DeGeneres in a “deepening career crisis” because her celebrity guests are choosing to go to “rival” Kelly Clarkson’s daytime talk show to avoid DeGeneres? One tabloid recently reported that was the case. Gossip Cop looked into the matter and came to our own conclusions.

Celebrities Avoiding The Ellen DeGeneres Show?

The National Enquirer published an article a few weeks ago with the incendiary title, “Ellen Crisis Explodes!” The often debunked outlet claimed DeGeneres’ talk show had been deemed “toxic,” so all of the embattled comedian’s celebrity guests were rushing to appear on her “biggest small-screen rival,” The Kelly Clarkson Show.


A so-called “top publicist” told the tabloid, “Ellen’s show is now toxic. You are going to see more and more stars avoid her and opt for a non-controversial booking instead.” The dubious publicist added,

When big A-list celebs want to promote their work, they have a lot of different options. Ellen was always the first choice, but now stars are choosing to sit down with Kelly instead.

Kelly Clarkson wearing a black, velvet dress at the 25th Annual Critics' Choice Awards


The main problem, the source continued, was the fact that celebrities are mostly concerned with selling a product: themselves. “Celebrities just want to sell themselves. They don’t want to get caught up in drama.”

The outlet then brought up a viral Twitter thread that included allegations of DeGeneres “being rude to waitresses, sending staff home to shower, and singling out employees to bear the brunt of her wrath.” Gossip Cop has already taken a look at the thread, which we admitted likely contained some true stories, but there were definitely some jokes in there as well.

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Gossip Cop’s Take

While it’s definitely true that The Ellen DeGeneres Show suffered from a toxic workplace culture, even this outlet had to admit that DeGeneres was not specifically named as an aggressor on the toxic behavior that took place in the workplace.

Where the former employees and DeGeneres agree is that she should have taken a more hands-on role in order to make sure the workplace was inclusive and every worker felt safe and heard. Ellen DeGeneres returned to the air Monday morning and admitted as much during her opening monologue.

It doesn’t seem like the workplace scandal has kept big-name celebrities from joining the talk show host on her show, either. On the first episode of Season 18, DeGeneres welcomed a fellow female comedian, Tiffany Haddish, to the show. Obviously the scandal didn’t scare Haddish off, and since many celebrities have come to DeGeneres’ defense over the last few months, it seems like more famous guests will follow.

Since the “Ellen DeGeneres is mean” scandal broke, several tabloids have gone overboard with their predictions of what the bad news could mean for The Ellen Show. Several have predicted that DeGeneres would quit her show, but this new season proves those predictions to be false. Just as these shady outlets are determined to continue milking this scandal for all it’s worth, DeGeneres seems committed to not only returning to her show but proving to all that she can lead a workplace that’s true to her “be kind” brand.

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