Ellen DeGeneres Hoping To Have A Baby To Save Marriage To Portia De Rossi?

Has Ellen DeGeneres changed her mind about having kids? One tabloid insists the daytime talk show host wants a child to fix her marriage to Portia de Rossi, and her career. Gossip Cop looks into the report.

Ellen DeGeneres’ Plans To Save Her Marriage & Career

“Ellen’s Crib Notes: A Baby Will Fix Everything!” reads the headline for the article by the National Enquirer. The tabloid claims DeGeneres has cooked up a new plan to save her marriage and career, a baby. “Last year was the toughest year of her life,” a source reveals. The insider continues, “She’s hoping a baby may be the answer to her problems.”

The paper discloses that failing ratings and the controversies the host endured in 2020 after reports came out that DeGeneres mistreated her co-workers have also taken a toll on her personal life. According to a source, the fallout of the scandal has left the Finding Nemo actress exploding at almost everything, and her wife, who she wed 12 years ago, has been right in the line of fire.

Things really came to a head when Ellen was trapped in the house after receiving a positive COVID-19 diagnosis. It was hell at home for Portia. Ellen was blasting her about everything, from her public problems to whether her dinner was hot and on time.

Portia De Rossi Is Tired Of Being Ellen’s Punching Bag?

Other insiders assert de Rossi declared she had no intention of being her wife’s “personal punching bag” and the “disgraced diva” has now realized how harsh she had been on de Rossi. The paper implies this is what made DeGeneres come up with the idea of bonding over a baby. “Ellen is convinced that sharing a child will bring them closer together again, and is willing to go to the surrogate route to make it happen,” the insider adds.

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The tipster concludes, “She also believes bringing a baby into her life will improve her image. It’s a can’t-lose scenario in her mind.”

No Babies For Ellen & Portia, The Couple Are Childless But Doing Just Fine

Gossip Cop can correct this dramatic report. First and foremost, Ellen DeGeneres has stated several times she wasn’t having children. Portia de Rossi has also shared the same sentiment. That being said, it doesn’t make sense that DeGeneres would use a baby to fix her marital and career problems. It’s also incorrect. A rep for the talk show host clarified that the story isn’t true. In regards to The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the popular daytime show is renewed through 2022. DeGeneres did receive a lot of backlash, but her career isn’t in jeopardy. As for her COVID-19 diagnosis, the host recently explained that she was doing better.

Also, Gossip Cop recently busted a similar report from the Enquirer that alleged DeGeneres lashed out at de Rossi. Before that, the paper claimed friends feared DeGeneres’ scandals would cause her wife to relapse. Gossip Cop busted these ridiculous stories at the time. Obviously this outlet has a sketchy history when reporting on the couple.

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