Elle MacPherson No Longer Dating Controversial Anti-Vax Doc?

Disgraced former doctor and anti-vaccination activist Andrew Wakefield has been dating Elle Macpherson for a few years now. One tabloid says the two’s relationship is on the rocks. Gossip Cop looked into the tale, and here’s what we found.

‘Romance Woes For Elle’

According to New Idea, Macpherson went on a social media tirade “seemingly confirming rumors she and her man… have called it quits.” Macpherson has been “under pressure from friends and family to walk away” from the “denounced doctor, given he’s taking heat from all over the globe over his discredited claims that vaccines are linked with autism.” A source calls Wakefield the “unofficial ‘father’ of the anti-vax movement” who gets an extraordinary amount of hate mail, adding pressure for Macpherson to leave.

Macpherson’s online posts included the phrase “healing yourself is the greatest comeback” and other motivational stuff, which the tabloid said “[hints] the relationship may be over.” The article closes with a quote from a “friend” who said, “it wouldn’t be a surprise if it all got too much for her.”

Macpherson Is An Anti-Vaxer

Far from this report, Macpherson loves her anti-vaccination boyfriend. She recently said now was a “divine time” to promote anti-vaccination rhetoric as news of a potential Covid-19 vaccine has given millions hope. It looks like she and her husband, who is legally barred from practicing medicine after his claims about autism were found to be false, are a perfect match.

This story is bogus as his dangerous position on vaccination is something that brings them together, not ripping them apart. The motivational messages Macpherson posted are fairly generic feel-good messages that are found all over Instagram, and they don’t really hint at a break-up. It was a stretch in the first place for a tabloid with a rough reputation.

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Tabloid Misses Macpherson Mark

Gossip Cop busted this tabloid years ago for claiming Macpherson and Brad Pitt were dating. A rep for the Interview With The Vampire actor told us on the record that this story was “not true,” as he was still wed to Angelina Jolie at the time.

This tabloid recently turned its attention back to the model, saying she and Wakefield were going to have a “low key” wedding with Donald Trump in attendance. That story came out right when Wakefield’s divorce was finalized, but no eager wedding happened immediately. New Idea’s sister publication, Woman’s Day, then reported the two were engaged, and while that was a bit more reasonable, it didn’t make it true.

Macpherson wouldn’t start dating a man so closely associated with the anti-vax community if she didn’t support his views. This story was far-fetched and bogus.

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Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.

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