Eddie Van Halen Being Buried With His Iconic Red And White ‘Frankenstrat’ Guitar?

When the world lost Eddie Van Halen we all lost one of the best and most important guitar players in rock history. He was also a prolific inventor of all things electric guitar-related. Of course, his most famous invention is his red, white, and black-striped guitar, dubbed the “Frankenstrat.” So, will the great Eddie Van Halen be buried with his creation? Gossip Cop investigates.

A Tabloid Think It Knows The Answer

In the latest issue of the always tacky National Enquirer, the tabloid wasted no time after Eddie Van Halen’s death at age 65 earlier this month to start inventing bogus reports about the legend’s funeral. With a headline reading, “Eddie Van Halen’s Rock N’ Roll Heaven – Being Buried With His Guitar,” the dubious outlet purports that “pals” of the musician tell the paper, “he wanted to buried alongside one of the ‘Frankenstrat’ guitars that he created to define his signature sound.” This supposed “close pal” of Van Halen’s says,

Eddie felt like he owed his whole life to that instrument. He loved that thing as much as his family.

The Most Famous Guitar In Rock

Obviously, the guitar was important to Eddie Van Halen. He built it himself in the very early days of Van Halen, combining everything he loved about the two most iconic guitar makers, Gibson and Fender. While the body is from Fender Stratocaster, the rest of the guitar is completely Eddie Van Halen’s own creation using different parts from different guitars to create exactly what he was looking for. Its signature paint job is recognizable to music fans across the globe. While Van Halen used a number of guitars across his 45-year career, none were as famous, or as instantly recognizable, as the Frankenstrat and the many versions of it Eddie Van Halen played.

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There Are More Than One

Eddie Van Halen played a number of different versions, all based on the original, some built by companies like Kramer, whom he had an endorsement deal with in the 1980s. In fact, maybe the most widely-seen Frankenstrat, nicknamed “5150” was one built by Van Halen and Kramer Guitars in the mid-80s and used by Eddie Van Halen for a number of tours, up to and including the band’s reunion tour with second lead singer Sammy Hager in 2004.

So, Will Eddie Van Halen Be Buried With One Of These?

The short answer is no. The tabloid report is dead wrong. There is one important detail this “close pal” of Eddie Van Halen’s didn’t seem to know. The family is planning a cremation. While we at Gossip Cop suppose it’s possible EVH (as he’s known to many fans) could be cremated with one, it seems very, very unlikely. Van Halen understood how important his guitars are to fans and the idea of burning one to ash would be horrifying to many of those fans.

Where Did This Idea Even Come From?

In the phony article, the tabloid points to the death and burial of another legendary guitarist, Pantera’s Dimebag Darrell Abbott. After Abbott was murdered on stage by a crazed fan in 2004, Eddie Van Halen gave another one of his iconic guitars, a yellow and black guitar named “Bumblebee” to the family to bury with Abbott. As it turned out, just weeks before his death, Abbott asked Van Halen for a replica of the guitar, but instead of a replica, Van Halen donated the original to buried alongside his friend and fellow guitar player.

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No doubt it’s this story that inspired this latest work of fiction from the National Enquirer. As usual, it’s up to Gossip Cop to clear up the facts, as the tabloid provided none. That’s hardly a surprise when it comes to this unreliable outlet. It and its sister publications often published bogus – and tasteless – stories about celebrity deaths and funerals.

(Guitar World)

Crude Stories Are The Norm

Sadly The Enquirer has predicted the death of Queen Elizabeth II for decades now. Every few months it seemingly publishes yet another story claiming she’s near death, or on her death bed. As we all know, the longest-serving monarch in British history is still alive and well and serving as queen.

This isn’t even the first time this year Gossip Cop has busted a tasteless funeral story. In August, OK!, which is owned by the same company as the Enquirer, published a false report claiming Kelly Ripa was not invited to Regis Philbin’s funeral. In actual fact, Philbin was buried in a small family-only service on the campus of Notre Dame. Due to travel restrictions at the time, it made sense. Ripa wasn’t “not invited” per se, as there was nothing to be invited to. These tabloids simply have no insight into these personal family decisions and continue to publish trashy stories with no basis in fact.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.

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