‘Dueling Christenings’ Sparking ‘New Feud’ Between Meghan Markle And Princess Eugenie?

Is Princess Eugenie fearful that Meghan Markle‘s plans for Lilibet’s christening will spoil her own son’s christening? According to one tabloid, this is the latest slight in a long feud between the cousins-in-law. Gossip Cop investigates the rumor.

Battle Of The Christenings?

This week’s edition of Woman’s Day reports that Princess Eugenie is tired of being “overshadowed” by her cousin-in-law, Meghan Markle. Eugenie was forced to postpone her son August’s christening due to COVID concerns, which was a heartbreaking development for Eugenie since the queen was slated to attend. An inside source dishes, “Eugenie was beside herself that the Queen was coming.”

The insider adds, “She doesn’t always attend christenings — she bypassed Meghan and Prince Harry’s son Archie’s, for example, so Eugenie was very touched that she committed to seeing August baptized. So when it came out that one of their guests had a brush with the virus, Eugenie was crushed that she had to postpone.”

But now, Eugenie’s new fear is that she’ll be upstaged by Markle’s “showy California ceremony” once she decides to christen baby Lilibet. According to the source, “She’s desperate to find out when Meghan and Harry are planning to do it so she can work around them.” The snitch insists, “It seems a bit unfair, but she’d rather that than have dueling christenings. When Meghan got wind of Eugenie sniffing around their plans, she lashed out, telling Harry to make sure their plans remain a secret, but Eugenie just wants to avoid a case of history repeating itself.”

The magazine notes that this isn’t the first time Eugenie has been overshadowed by Markle. The tabloid reminds readers that Markle revealed she was pregnant with Archie at Eugenie’s wedding reception. Then, Markle revealed she was pregnant with Lilibet only days after Eugenie gave birth to August. “It’s a never-ending cycle at this point,” concludes the tipster, “Eugenie is fed up.”

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Eugenie’s Tired Of Meghan Markle Upstaging Her?

There’s a lot to unpack here. First of all, there’s nothing to suggest Markle is throwing a “showy California” christening for Lilibet. In fact, there have been reports claiming Prince Harry and Markle plan to christen Lili at Windsor in the UK. Since there’s been so little information on Markle’s plans, it’s a reach to suggest Eugenie has any fears of being “overshadowed” by Markle. The cousins-in-law simply had their children around the same time. Given the timeline, newborn events like christenings are bound to happen close together, and that’s no fault of Markle’s.

Furthermore, this tabloid chose to purposefully omit the fact that Markle and Eugenie are good friends. Markle was friends with Eugenie before she even met Harry. Then there’s the fact that Eugenie and her husband live in Frogmore cottage, which is on loan from the Sussexes since it still belongs to Harry and Markle. There’s simply no evidence they are on bad terms. Harry even stayed at Frogmore Cottage with Eugenie and her husband when he was in the UK for the recent Princess Diana tribute. Clearly, Eugenie and Markle are not feuding. This story was incredibly misleading and provided no real insight into Markle and Eugenie’s relationship.

The Tabloid Has It Out For Meghan Markle

This isn’t the first time Woman’s Day has tried to stir up drama between Meghan Markle and the rest of the royal family. Earlier this year, the tabloid claimed Eugenie was “stung” by the timing of Markle’s pregnancy announcement. Then, the outlet alleged Harry was fleeing to Frogmore Cottage to get away from Markle. The magazine even claimed Markle had told Harry their children will never “see their English relatives again.” Obviously, the tabloid isn’t a reliable source when it comes to the royal family.

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