Drew Barrymore Show Allegedly Knocking ‘The Talk’ Off The Air

Soon after Drew Barrymore’s talk show was announced, one publication argued that the program was going to spell doom for The Talk. With Barrymore’s show finally airing today, Gossip Cop wanted to revisit the speculation and rumor that preceded the show’s debut and see if anything has changed since our initial reporting. Here’s what we found.

Is The Talk Getting Cancelled?

Last November, the National Enquirer published its report on Barrymore’s show, which was announced by CBS and Barrymore in October. With the Santa Clarita Diet actress’ highly-anticipated program, an industry insider told the publication that The Talk was on the chopping block after its nearly decade on air. “Everyone is waiting to see what gets canceled to make room for Drew,” the unnamed source told the Enquirer.


Hot Bench, The Price Is Right and Let’s Make A Deal are all doing fine — and Dr. Phil is a ratings king. That leaves The Talk and a soap.” The long-running show had already been in the headlines that fall, as Julie Chen had announced her departure in September. “With former CBS boss Les Moonves’ wife, Julie Chen, no longer on, Sharon Osbourne’s The Talk looks vulnerable,” the tipster explained. While the rumor was a little believable at first read, there were multiple details that didn’t quite add up and are worth mentioning.


Despite the source’s statement, there were actually two soap operas on the lineup: The Young & The Restless and The Bold & The Beautiful. There’s also Judge Judy, which wasn’t mentioned at all. Even larger than that is the fact that CBS doesn’t determine airtimes of syndicated shows, as that’s the job of local affiliates. Gossip Cop still checked in with an actual CBS spokesperson, who told us on the record that Barrymore’s show wasn’t replacing anything.

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What’s Going On With The Drew Barrymore Show

Plus, the programs are vastly different programs with different purposes — The Talk‘s roundtable approach is vastly different from how Barrymore has described her show in the press in the lead up to its debut. As it happens, the actress even joked about the Enquirer‘s past treatment of her when she talked about being open and honest on her show in a recent promotional interview with critics. “You’re on the cover of the National Enquirer at 13 years old for being institutionalized, there’s not much people can throw your way,” she said. “Bring it!” Even when the outlet tried to throw a little bit of a compliment her way, it still ultimately came out wrong and looking outrageous.


The hosts of The Talk, meanwhile, got to host the Daytime Emmys in June. As it turns out, the program is actually in a similar place as it was last autumn. Much like Chen’s departure last year, Marie Osmond announced that she wouldn’t be returning to the show earlier this month. This latest change is a fairly normal and understandable occurrence in a roundtable show like The Talk and has absolutely nothing to do with another program. While we still don’t know how the show or its remaining hosts will handle the change-up, we’re not expecting anything shocking or any news about the show shutting down.

Osmond left to focus more on her family and other career opportunities, which would indicate that she expects the show to continue chugging along. Much like Barrymore’s show, the program will likely stay focused on meeting its audience’s needs and maintaining a safe production process for its cast and crew. Since the rumor’s original publication, there’s been no indication of any renewed signs of doom for either the long-running discussion program or the brand new talk show. With its new showrunners and executive producers, The Talk looks to be in a great place for its eleventh season.

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Talk Show Rumors Can Get Pretty Wild

Funnily enough, this wasn’t even an isolated bit of bogus reporting, and the infamous publication has continued to publish baseless speculation and blatantly false “information.” Gossip Cop had to bust one of the outlet’s more recent rumors about The Talk‘s Sharon Osbourne, but that’s nothing when compared to the tabloid’s recent streak of television-related gossip.

Just a few weeks ago, it published an entirely false story about a fight between Chip and Joanna Gaines possibly endangering their reboot of Fixer Upper. Before that, it claimed that Jimmy Kimmel was about to be replaced by the order of network executives. That’s not even the last of the Enquirer’s outrageous entertainment coverage — that very same month, it tried to argue that Kanye West’s Twitter outburst was actually just a ploy to boost the ratings of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Even in July, it got it wrong with its prediction that Ellen DeGeneres wouldn’t be renewing her contract and would be announcing her retirement. It seems like once again, the truth was on our side in this television tale.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.

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