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After becoming a 15-time world arm wrestling champion, Dot-Marie Jones finally got to experience an underground arm wrestling tournament thanks to filming her newest Indy flick, “Golden Arm”.

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“There is an underground armwrestling community, and the women do it for charities and stuff, and have these big tournaments, but I haven’t been able to go to any of them and now I definitely will. The one’s I were sanctioned, so this was so much fun to experience while filming,” Jones told ET Canada.


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Starring Mary Holland and Betsy Sodaro, “Golden Arm” tells the story of when Danny (Sodaro) ropes her best friend and nice girl baker Melanie (Holland) into taking her spot at the Women’s Arm Wrestling Championship. Jones character comes into play once the duo realizes they need a whole lot of help with Melanie’s sloppy technique and natural skill in order to win the grand prize.

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According to Jones, the funny, campy, female-led script about her favourite pastime didn’t take much convincing before she committed to the film, especially since there was a whole lot of improv that included her old training exercises.

“First of all, to work with Betsy Sodaro and Mary Holland, I was just like absolutely, I’m in,” Jones said.

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“But then there was a lot of improv and it was so much fun,” Jones added. “The whole tire flipping, weight training and the thing with the truck when we’re pulling a bicycle inner tube, that’s what I used to do and so that was something I added to the scene. It was so much fun.”

The hilariously silly movie also showcases the competitive nature that leads a lot of the best champions to distract and cheat, a move Jones said happens quite often in real life.

“There was this guy at some of the tournaments that would show up to the table and open his mouth and show a mouthful of crickets, or he’d go to the table and stab a spout into an oil can and chug a quart of oil, or he’d smoke a cigar and eat it. It was crazy” Jones said. “It’s a psych out game to psych out your opponent, but I never did that. I play fast and quick. Those are my rules. My longest match was maybe 15 seconds, but I’ve seen matches go 25 minutes.”

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