Doctor Claims Kurt Russell Could Be Dead Within Two Years, Here’s The Truth

Is Kurt Russell dangerously overweight? One report says the Big Trouble In Little China star is eating 10,000 calories a day and is upsetting Goldie Hawn in the process. Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Deadly 90 Pounds Overweight!’

 According to the Globe, Kurt Russell has really let himself go. A spy says the Thing star looked “like a beached whale” at a recent outing with Kate Hudson. The spy explained, “Kurt’s always been a sucker for the best food and drink imaginable, but since the pandemic, it’s gotten way out of control.”

Russell can’t stop eating and drinking. An interested doctor, who has not treated Russell, tells the outlet, “it looks like he’s gained more than 50 pounds of belly fat, which is deadly.” Gaining this much weight puts Russell at risk for many medical maladies.

Goldie Hawn is trying to help. Sources say she “has been nudging him to diet and exercise more but without much success.” The story concludes with the doctor noting that even if given a clean bill of health, “you could still die two to three years earlier due to obesity.”

Worthless Testimony

First things first: the testimony of a doctor who has not treated someone is nothing more than open speculation. The Globe is notorious for doing this. The doctor in this story has basically been asked to explain why gaining a lot of weight can be bad. No duh.

This whole story is just rather unfair. The Globe is literally comparing photos of Russell at 70 to when he was at his physical-peak Escape From New York shape around 29. Obviously, he’s going to have gained a little bit of weight in the intervening 41 years. It’s just cruel to act otherwise.

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He Looks The Same

Russell was spotted looking barrel-chested on the beach. It goes without saying that this tabloid deliberately chose the least flattering photos that it could. These photos are the only evidence this tabloid really has, and Russell looks happy as a clam. He also looks largely the same as he did in 2019, so there’s no conspicuous weight gain.

Other Tall Tales

The Globe has a bad reputation where Russell and Hawn are concerned. It claimed Russell dumped Hawn over the phone in 2019. Two years later it said the two were bickering because of booze. They’re not desperately saving their marriage because it’s never been in any real danger.

This outlet is not a valid source for stories about Russell and Hawn. Russell looks the same now as he has in recent years, so this story must be false.

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