Did Tim McGraw ‘Dump’ Faith Hill In $200 Million Divorce?

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill have one of the most notoriously long-lasting marriages in country music. However, last year one tabloid reported that the couple was headed for a $200 million divorce. Gossip Cop is revisiting the story to see where the spouses stand now.

Tim McGraw ‘Dumped’ Faith Hill?

In Touch announced that Tim McGraw was leaving Faith Hill last March. The tabloid ran the article as their cover story, which was emblazoned with the word “dumped.” However, that title misled what the actual story was really about. McGraw had decided to leave his label, Sony Music, while his wife was still under contract there. Apparently, he also was planning on doing a solo concert tour.

“Tim pulled a shocking move, he’d been signed with Faith and they released their last album together. They wanted to headline another tour together and return to their Las Vegas residency as a team, something they felt kept them close for many years,” an unnamed source told the magazine.

“Her career has been connected to his for so long that this leaves her in the dust,” the insider continued. According to the publication, McGraw’s decision had caused a rift in his marriage, that the couple was “taking a break. It’s as if he’s dumped her.”

The solo tour caused even more problems according to the tipster who said Hill still had trouble trusting her husband after his past drinking and partying experiences. “She played the devoted wife, but she would be fuming at home. Many nasty emails and texts went back and forth between them. Some of the emails even leaked,” the source added. 

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The outlet went on to throw Taylor Swift into the mix, claiming Hill was jealous of the younger woman when they toured together when Swift was first starting out. The couple apparently fought nonstop until McGraw had enough. With the new contract though, Hill “hoped their new life together would include touring together and going on extended vacations. But Tim seemed intent on going his own way, which hurt her.”

Staying Together On Separate Labels

As Gossip Cop pointed out last year, McGraw did leave Sony but everything seemed fine with his wife. Faith Hill posts photos of herself and hubby making out all the time on Instagram, the last one being on May 1st. These rumors pop up all the time for the couple. In March 2020, the Globe printed that McGraw and Hill were living separate lives since being on separate labels. Gossip Cop debunked the story.

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