Did Nicki Minaj Really Date Eminem, Nas, Meek Mill And Drake?

Nicki Minaj dated fellow rappers Nas and Meek Mill before finally marrying her husband, childhood sweetheart Kenneth Petty, last year. Before tying the knot, Minaj constantly got roped into false or misleading stories about her dating other hip-hop stars. These are the three biggest rumors about the rapper’s love life that Gossip Cop has investigated.

Nasty Nas and Nicki

At the very beginning of 2018, MediaTakeOut said that Nicki Minaj was pregnant with Nas’ baby. The site argued that she was “definitely” expecting and would announce her pregnancy during the Grammys. According to the outlet, Minaj had even stirred up drama with Kelis, Nas’ ex-wife and mother of his son.

However, more trustworthy celebrity publications reported that Minaj and Nas had broken up before the start of the year. While it’s true that the Pinkprint mastermind dated the rap legend, there was absolutely no basis to the pregnancy claim. The Grammys came and went without a baby announcement, despite MediaTakeOut’s insistence that its report was “100% facts.”

Young Money Minaj

That same week, HollywoodLife claimed that Nicki Minaj and Young Money labelmate Drake were getting back together. The site argued that the two had hooked up once sometime in the past, but Drake was looking for a second chance. According to the site’s unreliable “sources,” Drake saw an opportunity shortly after Minaj and rap icon Nas broke up.

“Drake always felt like Nas had a bit of a jealous streak,” an anonymous source told the site, “so Drake distanced himself from Nicki while she was with Nas.” As Gossip Cop pointed out at the time, it was incredibly suspicious that the “source” avoided using pronouns in favor of repeating the names of the stars over and over again. Still, the outlet was completely off-base. Though the two share the same label, they weren’t dating. They couldn’t get back together since they never were in the first place. To be fair, we’ve all heard her response to Drake rumors on “Only.”

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The Marshall Mathers JK

In May of that same year, Nicki Minaj replied to a fan comment asking if she was dating Eminem. Minaj jokingly responded that she was, and Eminem even got in the joke with a comment of his own. Several outlets took this joke as a serious announcement, with the Daily Mail and TMZ both published stories taking the joke relationship as fact.

Despite the fact the exchange was clearly just two friends being silly, Gossip Cop still checked in with our source in Minaj’s camp. They assured us that it was indeed a joke. The two never dated. The two rappers are friends, collaborators and occasionally rivals on the charts, but they’ve never been in a relationship.

Marriage, unfortunately, has never stopped the tabloids from writing up rumors about celebrity love lives. We don’t expect these stories to be the last ones we hear about Minaj, so we’ll keep busting any more mistruths about the rap maven.

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