Did Julia Roberts Get Her Marriage ‘Back On Track’ With A Hawaiian Vacation?

Last year, a tabloid claimed Julia Roberts “solved” her marital problems with a Hawaiian getaway. Gossip Cop corrected the phony narrative when the story came out. Roberts’ marriage is perfectly fine, although the tabloids continue to make incorrect and hurtful rumors claiming otherwise.

Julia Roberts Hawaiian Paradise Saved Her Marriage?

Last summer, OK! proclaimed Julia Roberts’s marriage to Danny Moder was experiencing a “serious lull” and so the family decided to “decamp” at their favorite place, Hawaii. The outlet wrote that the trip helped reignite the spark in the couple’s relationship. A supposed insider offered their two cents by stating, “raising a family and trying to keep the romance alive has been hard,” in regards to Roberts and Moder.

The dubious source further alleged that “thanks to lots of open communication, marriage counseling – and regular date nights – Julia and Danny are back on track.” The mysterious insider added the trip to Hawaii was the saving grace in restoring the couple’s relationship. “Hawaii is a paradise for them and this holiday has brought them closer together than ever,” concluded the phony tipster.

The Tabloids Are Wrong About Julia And Danny Again

The only truth to the story was that Roberts and her family took a trip to Hawaii, but it was just that, a trip. The idea that Roberts jetted to the Island in an attempt to fix her marriage was completely false. Gossip Cop noted that there was no substantial evidence to even indicate there were problems between Roberts and Moder. The month before the story came out, Roberts honored Moder for their anniversary on her Instagram page.

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Julia Roberts Speaks Out

Why would Roberts do that if her relationship with Moder was on shaky ground? Additionally, Roberts has spoken out about the malicious rumors in regards to her marriage. Two years ago, during an interview with Harpers Bazaar, the Runaway Bride star said this in regards to the tabloid’s stories about her marriage: “It can still hurt my feelings because I’m so proud of my marriage. We just celebrated being married for 16 years this Fourth of July, and there’s so much happiness wrapped up in what we’ve found together.”

Yet, the tabloids seem to continue with the recycled storyline that Julia Roberts’ marriage was in peril.

Earlier this year, we busted OK!, for claiming Roberts was “fighting” to maintain her marriage. The incorrect report stated that even though Roberts and Moder agreed “divorce wasn’t an option,” the two were having a hard time “trying to make it work.” Gossip Cop couldn’t find any evidence to support this phony premise.

Most recently, we dismissed another story from the same magazine for asserting Roberts was headed for a “trial separation” from Moder. The piece claimed that the actress wanted to move to San Francisco but Moder was determined to stay in Southern California. Gossip Cop pointed out that this was just another sick attempt by the publication to insist Roberts was having issues in her marriage.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.

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