Did Jessica Alba Really Take Her Kids On A Trip To Get Away From Husband Cash Warren?

A magazine reported that Jessica Alba’s summertime vacation with her kids had one person noticeably absent: her husband, Cash Warren. The story came with a series of claims about the state of Alba and Warren’s marriage, but there’s something else going on with this vacation rumor. Gossip Cop checked out the claim.

Jessica Alba’s Fed Up In Lockdown?

“Jessica & Cash: Trouble In Lockdown,” declared Life & Style at the tail end of this summer. The article covered a lot of the usual gossip about the couple, with plenty of allegations that Alba and her husband have been suffering as a result of being stuck together in the same home due to the pandemic.

The crux of the article focused on the idea that there was a clear narrative visible in both of their social media profiles. One unnamed insider even told the magazine that although they may “act like they’re the perfect couple, but the truth is that their marriage isn’t all roses and rainbows. Far from it.”

The two-page spread covered a wide amount of claims, but it was a side snippet that stuck out the most. “He Was ‘Left Out’ of a Family Escape,” reads the sidebar, alongside photos of Alba and the kids on the trip from the actress’ Instagram. The family went to Kanye West’s new favorite state, Wyoming, for what the outlet called “outdoor adventures and fresh air,” but it doesn’t seem like the magazine is implying that the family was escaping from the pandemic.

Rather, it seems to believe that this was an escape from her husband, even though he went along with them. “Though it appears Cash joined them,” the outlet writes, “the LA’s Finest actress didn’t post any photos of him, with or without the rest of the family.” The lack of Warren in the pics, the source argues, is quite “telling” about the state of the marriage. “How could he not feel left out?” the insider demands. “But Cash has been getting on Jessica’s nerves nonstop. Even on vacation.”

Earlier in the story, the outlet even threw up a misleading quote about Alba’s trips when it mentioned the couple’s frustrations. “At one point, Jessica abruptly left the house and took the kids because she needed space,” the snitch said. “They made up afterward, but her patience is wearing thin.”

What’s Really Going On With Jessica Alba And Cash Warren?

We can’t help but wonder if Alba and Warren really were fighting, why would they throw up a weird social media smokescreen? Wouldn’t they just, you know, not post together or about each other? If Alba not posting photos of Warren counted as “telling,” then why were the posts with Warren apparently misleading? These are fruitless questions, however, since this storyline just isn’t true.

The family has taken multiple trips together, and believe or not, someone has to take those adorable photos. That responsibility seems to have been taken up by Warren in what we’d call a classic dad move. As we can see in her more recent road trip photos, Warren’s also the one driving the family around, so it’s no surprise that he’s not in many selfies considering he was more focused on the road.

The reason Alba and Warren look so happy in the photos that they choose to post is simply because they are happy. Admittedly, the tabloid is right when it says that they’re not the perfect couple, but no couple has a flawless relationship. Literally everyone is having to adjust and adapt to a completely different world, so while there might be some increased tension in their household every so often, it’s absolutely asinine to speculate about a future divorce.

We’ve seen this narrative a surprising number of times, and for the most part, all of the bogus divorce rumors about the couple failed to point to any real reason why the two might split. Instead, we’ve seen story after story about how they’re quarreling and disagreeing with one another about things, but we’ve yet to see any actual signs of trouble in paradise.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop can’t say for sure, but this is most likely false, given the evidence.

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