Did Brad Pitt Buy Jennifer Aniston A House?

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston’s romance came to an end years ago, but the tabloids continue to suggest there may hope for the former pair. Last year, one publication asserted Pitt considered purchasing his old home in Hollywood Hills as a love nest for himself and Aniston. Gossip Cop investigated the rumor at the time. Here’s a look back at the story and if the actor followed through.

Brad Pitt’s Plans To ‘Win’ Back Jennifer Aniston

Around this time last year, New Idea reported Brad Pitt wanted to purchase his Hollywood Hills property he owned back in the 90s when he began dating Jennifer Aniston. The magazine claimed the transaction was part of his plan “to woo back his ex-wife” hoping that his old home “may reignite memories of their early courtship days.” A source revealed, “As soon as the house went on the market back in May, Brad knew that buying it back would prove to Jen just how serious he is about building a future with her.”

The insider added, “All Brad wanted was to be back in their home with Jen and start where they left off – making all the memories in the home they always dreamed they would make together and showing it to his kids, too.” The tipster further disclosed the Once Upon a Time in Hollywood actor hoped buying the house will be the big gesture he needs to prove to the Bruce Almighty actress that he’s ready to “put things right and make this fresh start together.”

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Did Brad Buy The Home? Here’s The Truth Behind The Story

Gossip Cop has clarified several times that Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston aren’t getting back together. From baby rumors and phony remarrying narratives, the tabloids continue to assert the former spouses are rekindling their romance, but it is not happening. This rumor was just another bogus tale. We ran the story by a spokesperson for Pitt who told us the actor had no plans to repurchase his Hollywood Hills home. Gossip Cop busted a similar account from the same tabloid that alleged Pitt was buying his and Aniston’s old home in Beverly Hills.

New Idea has also concocted other false story-lines about Pitt and Aniston. For example, last February, the same publication alleged Pitt and Aniston got married again on her 50th birthday. Gossip Cop corrected the story after we investigated the report and found that no wedding ever took place.

Months ago, the magazine purported Brad Pitt and Jennifer were expecting twins via surrogate. Once again, the former spouses are not getting back together and they certainly aren’t expecting children.

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