‘Desperate’ Wendy Williams ‘Obsessed’ With Finding A Man After Divorce?

Was “man-crazy” Wendy Williams scaring off potential suitors? A tabloid insisted the Wendy Williams Show star was “obsessed with finding a man” in the aftermath of her divorce from her ex Kevin Hunter. Gossip Cop looked into the story and can set the record straight. 

Wendy Williams “Man-Crazy” And Scaring Off Men?

“Man-Crazy Wendy Scares ‘Em Off!” screamed the headline out of a recent edition of the National Enquirer. According to the outlet, “high-maintenance chatterbox” Wendy Williams “desperately” wanted a boyfriend, but the talk show host was having a “tough time” on the romantic front since her 2019 divorce from Kevin Hunter. 

A source told the tabloid Williams has been itching for romance since she “hasn’t had a boyfriend in forever,” and has been “reading up on ways to attract a man.” Supposedly, Williams was so hard up for a date that she even began looking into “love spells, love potions and crystals,” the source continued. All that preparation wasn’t helping Williams much with her dating life. In fact, the snitch confessed, “a lot of the men she meets are plain scared of her.” 

Even before she goes on the first date, Williams can’t help but put her potential suitors ill at ease. “She Googles guys she likes and can’t get past an initial phone call because she already knows all about them,” the insider whispered, adding conspiratorially, “it freaks them out!” In addition to her recent struggles to find a man, Williams was also “crushed” after her flings with “boytoy” Marc Tomblin and New York jeweler William Selby fell through. 

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These disappointing romances have allegedly pushed Williams into a desperate state. “Wendy talks about men nonstop,” concludes the source. “She’s even going on dating sites although she won’t use her photo or name!” While it’s true that Wendy Williams is definitely interested in giving her dating life a jump start, she’s not at all “desperate” or struggling to find an interested suitor. 

Gossip Cop Found Evidence To The Contrary

Shortly after this article was published, Williams started a new segment on her talk show entitled “Date Wendy.” That’s how she met her former beau Mike Esterman, though the relationship fizzled out after a few months, which both parties blamed on their busy schedules and long-distance difficulties. After she and Esterman called it quits, Williams’ show reinstated the “Date Wendy” segment, where Williams meets with eligible and interested bachelors. 

Ironically, Gossip Cop just busted the Enquirer’s sister publication, the Globe, for claiming the exact opposite of this article’s claims. That outlet claimed Williams had sworn off men after her messy breakup from Esterman. Clearly, Williams’ continued “Date Wendy” segment proves that the talk show host isn’t through with men just yet. 

Like its sister publication, the Enquirer has made it a habit to publish obviously false stories about Williams. Earlier this year, the tabloid reported that Williams supposedly needed “emergency psychological care” after she was caught on video acting strangely. There was absolutely no truth to the rumor whatsoever. 

Similarly false was the tabloid’s claim that friends of Williams were urging her to wear diapers because the talk show star often burped and farted on-camera. This outlet clearly delights in publishing humiliating, derogatory stories about Williams, which is why its reports are impossible to believe.

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