‘Desperate Housewives’ Reboot In Jeopardy Because Cast Members Hate Each Other?

Is the Desperate Housewives reboot being called off over major drama between the cast members? That’s one tabloid’s story. Gossip Cop investigates.

Reboot In Jeopardy Over ‘Cattiness Among Ex-Costars’?

This week’s edition of OK! asserts that fans of the Desperate Housewives “shouldn’t hold their breath” when it comes to the rumored reunion special. Although the cast hadn’t been opposed to reuniting, it seems any plans that were in place are falling apart because the former costars can’t get along.

According to the tabloid’s inside source, “When the possibility first came in 2019, there was a lot of drama and infighting.” The report notes that the cast hasn’t stayed in touch since the show wrapped in 2012. “There’s no coordination or consensus between them, or even with network execs,” the source explains. Even as Felicity Huffman has become available again after serving her time for the nationwide college admissions scandal, “it’s still like herding cats.”

The source ass, “When the 20th anniversary of the show’s launch rolls around, the network might explore this again. But unless these women can get it together — and remain on their best behavior — it’ll never happen.” The final word from the report urges the stars to “play nice!”

The ‘Reboot’s Off’ Over Cast Drama?

So, is it true that the Desperate Housewives reboot has been called off over fighting amongst the cast? Of course not, and the tabloid failed to convince anyone of that. Despite the title’s implication, the report never mentioned any tension between cast members. The story only asserted that there were scheduling conflicts preventing the actresses from reuniting. That hardly sounds like any kind of personal vendetta.

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Additionally, Desperate Housewives star Marcia Cross addressed the rumored revival on Twitter earlier this year. After a user seemingly confirmed the reboot was in production, Cross replied to the post, “News to me!!” Despite the user’s claim that all the cast members, including Cross, were set to return, it was clear that the tweet was fake news.

As for rumors of conflict between the cast, it’s obvious there is none. The main cast members minus Huffman reunited for a virtual reunion for charity last year. In the special, all the actresses sang each other’s praises, even calling Huffman a “flipping genius” and an “unbelievable actress.” Obviously there’s no bad blood between the former castmates.

The Tabloids On Felicity Huffman

Besides, it’s obvious the tabloid is implying Huffman has set the reboot back, but it wouldn’t be the first attack on the actress. In 2019, OK! alleged that Huffman was planning to make a movie based on her time in prison. Then the National Enquirer reported that Huffman was jealous of Lori Loughlin for getting roles while she couldn’t. And the tabloids love to claim she and William H. Macy are divorcing. Obviously, any time Huffman’s name comes up in the tabloids readers should be skeptical of the claims.

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