Derek Hough’s Girlfriend, Hayley Erbert, Told Him To Propose Or They’re ‘Over’?

Did Hayley Erbert tell her boyfriend Derek Hough to propose or hit the road? That’s the story one tabloid’s pushing this week. Gossip Cop investigates the rumor.

Derek Hough’s Girlfriend Tells Him ‘Pick Up The Pace!’

This week’s edition of the National Enquirer reports dancer Derek Hough has landed in hot water with his girlfriend Hayley Erbert. Erbert reportedly told the Dancing with the Stars legend to pop the question or hit the highway. But an inside source on the matter insists Hough has his reasons for waiting.

An inside source tells the tabloid, “First he didn’t want to steal his sister Julianne’s thunder when she got married to Brooks Laich in 2017,” adding, “Then when Brooks and Julianne started having trouble in their marriage and announced they were getting divorced, he worried the same thing could happen to them!” But just as Hough might have been ready, “Then came COVID, and the pandemic gave him another reason to wait.”

But for Erbert, it’s now or never. After dating for six years, she is reportedly tired of waiting for him to ask the question. But Hough isn’t so sure. “He doesn’t believe in divorce and doesn’t want to become another Hollywood statistic,” the insider spilled to the outlet. Furthermore, Hough’s career isn’t slowing down.

The source insists, “Derek claims he’s busy creating a new TV dance show, and he doesn’t want to be distracted,” adding, “He absolutely does want to have a wife and kids, but the timing is just not right. But if he doesn’t act quickly, his partner may step out of his life – forever!”

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Gossip Cop’s Take

So, did Hayley Erbert give Derek Hough an ultimatum? Of course not. Aside from the tabloid’s alleged insider claims, there’s absolutely nothing to suggest Erbert is upset with the pace of her and Hough’s relationship. On the contrary, the dancers appear to be totally in sync with one another. The couple frequently posts about each other on Instagram, and they even have a YouTube channel where they give fans a glimpse into their relationship.

Furthermore, a representative for the couple denied the story in its entirety. Despite the tabloid’s insistence, it’s totally possible for a couple to be completely dedicated to one another without being in a rush to the alter. While we have no idea what the future holds for Hough and Erbert, it’s clear this publication knows even less.

The Tabloid On Celebrity Engagements

The National Enquirer is constantly reporting long-time celebrity couples are planning to tie the knot when they aren’t. Last year, the publication reported Mel Gibson had popped the question to his longtime girlfriend Rosalind Ross. Then the outlet alleged Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello were planning a 2021 engagement. The magazine even claimed Simon Cowell was engaged to his long-time girlfriend. Since none of these stories came to fruition, it’s safe to say the Enquirer is less than reliable when it comes to celebrity engagements, as Gossip Cop pointed out in all of the stories.

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