Dennis Quaid Leaving LA To Get Away From ‘Kooky’ Randy Quaid?

Is Dennis Quaid leaving Hollywood behind? One report says he’s moving to Nashville in a bid to evade his brother Randy Quaid. Gossip Cop investigates.

Nashville Bound

According to the National Enquirer, Dennis Quaid and new bride Laura Savoie are moving from Hollywood to Tennessee. Sources say he’s fleeing La La Land so he can get away from his “kooky” brother Randy Quaid. Randy recently announced his intention to run for governor of California.

While Dennis has eyed the move for some time, he supposedly expedited plans after hearing about the political campaign. A source says, “Randy has always been a bit of an embarrassment for Dennis, and he loves his brother but he’s just so unpredictable.” Dennis needs peace to reignite his music career, and Randy can only bring him anxiety.

What’s The Real Story?

This is a classic example of what the Enquirer excels at: using real news to make a bogus narrative sound more legitimate. Dennis Quaid has indeed moved to Nashville, but it has nothing to do with his brother.

In an interview with City Lifestyle, Quaid said, “I’ve been coming to Nashville, especially over the last five years and kindling a love affair with the city. I just really like it here.” The Midway star grew up in Texas too, so it’s not as dramatic a move as it seems.

Despite moving to Nashville, Quaid is still attached to multiple film and television projects. He’s set to play former President Ronald Reagan in a biopic and will be part of the Joe Exotic drama series. He’s a renaissance man whose decision to move is motivated more through professional desires than the actions of his brother.

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As for Randy, he’s yet to officially announce a run at the governorship. Back in April, he said he was seriously considering a run, but he hasn’t mentioned it since. Of course with Randy Quaid, that could change on a dime. Either way, Dennis isn’t letting his brother dictate his life decisions.

Other Tall Tales

The Globe loves to use real estate in its stories. It claimed Lisa Marie Presley was moving back to Graceland, but that’s not really possible. Her father’s home is a museum now. It also claimed Trevor Noah was moving The Daily Show to Los Angeles following a break-up, yet the show is still New York-based.

In a wild story kind of like this one, it reported that Johnny Depp was moving to Russia in an attempt to escape scrutiny in America. The Ed Wood star still lives in America, so that must have been made up.

Even if Quaid was trying to evade his brother, it’s unclear how much changing states would affect that. Even if they no longer share a home state, they still share a last name.

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