Demi Moore Dabbled In Scientology While Dating Tom Cruise Last Year?

A tabloid claims Demi Moore and Tom Cruise secretly dated last year. Though the two have been friends for a long time, it’s a bit shocking to hear that the pair were romantically involved without anyone knowing. Gossip Cop is investigating the tale.

Tom Cruise And Demi Moore’s Secret Love Affair

According to Life & Style, Tom Cruise and Demi Moore had a hush-hush relationship after a friendship that’s lasted for over two decades. The magazine asserts that Cruise urged Moore to convert to Scientology so they could eventually wed. “Demi really liked Tom. She could envision them being together. So when Tom Suggested she take some Scientology classes and read some literature, just dip her feet in, Demi wholeheartedly agreed,” a source reveals.

From there, the insider suggests that Moore eventually had a “change of heart” about the situation. “While Demi tried to have an open mind, there were red flags she couldn’t ignore,” the source maintains, adding that Cruise “put pressure” on the actress to join the controversial religion. “He said the only way they could be together and get married would be for her to join Scientology, and she started to feel trapped. She couldn’t go through with it, not even for love. That’s why Demi and Tom ended,” the insider discloses.

Demi’s Change Of Heart

The publication continues, saying that even though Moore always had an open mind when it came to spirituality, she realized how potentially isolating converting would be after discussing the situation with friends and family. “Demi’s inner circle was shocked by her interest in joining. They told her not to do it, and the possibility of having to cut off those closest to her who disapproved, for the sake of Scientology and Tom, started to sink in. It was a wake-up call,” the source divulges.

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The insider alleges that when Moore called Cruise to voice her concerns, he “wasn’t receptive” and didn’t even discuss it with her. The magazine claims that the two haven’t seen each other since. “As soon as Demi hung up the phone, she knew she’d dogged a bullet,” the informant concludes.

We’ve Heard This Story Before

Gossip Cop still isn’t buying the phony piece. The reason being that we’ve already corrected the same narrative before. Last year, a separate tabloid, NW, alleged that Tom Cruise tried to convince Demi Moore to be his “Scientology bride.” At the time, Gossip Cop ran the report by a source close to the situation. Our impeccable insider told us the story wasn’t true. Therefore, if this magazine is claiming the pair dated a year ago, that is also incorrect.

Plus, Gossip Cop has learned not to trust the narratives Life & Style publishes about celebrities. For instance, the same outlet recently alleged that Bruce Willis’ wife, Emma, wanted to fight Demi Moore over the actor. In reality, the trio gets along just fine, which Gossip Cop explained.

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Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.

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