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**For clarification…the web link that was listed in the August, 2015 edition of “Crestwood Comments” is incorrect. The official web link is above and should be the only one that is used. If you have already registered on the erroneous link, we apologize. You must contact FinalForms directly at: support
and ask them to remove your registration so that you can enter information correctly. We aplogize for any inconvenience.**

We are very excited that the Crestwood Local School District has partnered with FinalForms, an on-line program which will enable you and your student to complete & file MOST school forms electronically.

FinalForms is immediately available for all students. The ONLY form that you are still required to actually print, complete, and file in the Athletic Department, is the actual OHSAA Physical form. The physical form must be completed by the doctor and, by law, we are required to have a signed copy on file. Once your student’s physical is received by the athletic department, we will input the expiration date into FinalForms and then you will receive automatic notifications when your student’s forms need to be updated.

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We are asking that ALL student-athletes (grades K-12) use FinalForms. Even if you have completed some or all of your student’s paperwork AND/OR their current physical paperwork does not expire until after the new school year begins, please register at https://crestwood-oh.finalforms.com/ now and electronically complete all the forms!

Thank you for your assistance in streamlining our paperwork process for you and for the Crestwood Local Schools.

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Schedulestar.comis the #1 high school sports site in the country to get complete, up-to-date scheduling information from your school’s athletic office.

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The Crestwood Athletic Department controls all information on Schedulestar.com, including addresses used by MapQuest.com. Go to www.schedulestar.com and enter Crestwood High School in the SEARCH field. You can also access this site by clicking the following link: www.schedulestar.com

The coaches shall always encourage each individual athlete to strive for excellence. In addition, all coaches will recognize that the general welfare and development of the total person must be given constant attention.Members of the school athletic community will encourage athletes to participate in a variety of athletic endeavors. It is a recognized duty of the school administration and coaching staff to encourage as many eligible young people as possible to participate in various sports offered in the Crestwood Schools. While recognizing the value of a winning tradition, the athletic staff will encourage maximumparticipation and devotion to fundamentals below the varsity level of competition.The general guiding philosophy of most high school athletic departments is to develop a winning tradition throughout the entire program. This basic principle remains a vital foundation of Crestwood High School Athletic Department and program. In addition to the winning of contests, the athletic atmosphere must contribute to the development of good sportsmanship on the part of athletic participants, members of the general student body, the faculty, and the residents of the school and school community.Participation in high school athletics and extra-curricular activities is a unique and important learning experience. This participation is a privilege for our Crestwood students, it is not a right. In this way extra-curricular activities are separate from the school curriculum.In conclusion, actions, policies or programs will not be developed that will counter the spirit or written policies of the Portage Trail Conference or Ohio High School Athletic Association.

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