Courteney Cox And Matthew Perry Romance Blossoming?

Courteney Cox and Matthew Perry are not in a blossoming romance, despite a phony tabloid report. Gossip Cop can debunk the story. In keeping with the title of their show, the former TV co-stars are just friends.

This week’s OK! features a three-page spread claiming the Friends co-stars are falling in love. According to the questionable story, it all started earlier this month when Cox met up with Perry after he was seen looking “disheveled” outside of a restaurant in West Hollywood. A supposed “friend” is quoted as saying, “Courteney dropped everything and hurried out to meet him. In a moment of vulnerability, Matthew told Courteney that he was in love with her, and always has been,” prompting the actress to reveal “she’s in love with him too, and excited to see where this goes.”

The alleged insider goes on to say the former co-stars have slowly started telling friends and family that they’re seeing each other, including Jennifer Aniston, who supposedly responded, “About time, kiddos!” The suspicious tipster further contends they also shared the news with Lisa Kudrow, who was thrilled. “It’s no secret that Matthew’s carried a torch for Courteney for most of the 25 years they’ve known each other. So people have been rooting for them to get together forever!”

Unfortunately for the people “rooting” for them, the story is completely bogus. Cox and Perry are not dating, nor have they ever dated. This whole premise stems from an Cox sharing an Instagram photo of her and Perry revealing they met up for lunch earlier this month. Gossip Cop checked in sources close to both stars, and we’re assured this whole narrative is made-up. A bigger hole in the premise is that Cox is still dating longtime beau Johnny McDaid, a man she called her “one” on Jimmy Kimmel Live earlier this year.

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Trusting OK!‘s sources is a dangerous business, as they are very often wrong. In the piece, one of the people the tabloid mentions as having been told about the relationship is Busy Philipps. Just last year, however, the outlet claimed Cox and Philipps were “feuding” after the Friends star was supposedly bumped from an appearance on Busy Tonight. Gossip Cop checked with sources close to both actresses and the show’s network, E!, who all confirmed the story was false.

It’s also not the first time OK! has invented a phony premise around an Instagram post by Cox. Last month, the tabloid alleged Cox, Aniston and Matt LeBlanc were working on a secret TV show together, but the three other stars from the show, Perry, Kudrow and David Schwimmer, weren’t involved. The bogus story was concocted after Cox shared a picture alongside Aniston and LeBlanc. Gossip Cop busted the story, and in the time since, it’s been reported by that all six stars are in talks to do some kind of reunion, though a scripted show based on their Friends characters is not in the works.

Updated 6/3: Although Courteney Cox and Matthew Perry remain only friends, the rumors simply haven’t stopped. Several unreliable outlets have come up with more made-up stories about the two. The National Enquirer even claimed that Courteney Cox was offering up a relationship to Perry in exchange for his sobriety, while Woman’s Day settled for simply “reporting” that Cox was planning a baby shower for Perry and his girlfriend. At the very least, it’s a good sign that at least one outlet recognized the fact that the two are already in relationships with other people.

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Neither of those stories were true, of course, but there are relevant and truthful updates for fans of the two: It has since been confirmed that the cast of Friendswill indeed unite for a special on HBO Max. Perry and Cox, as well as the rest of the main actors, are reportedly receiving $2 million each for the event. It was originally supposed to air this past May, but due to the pandemic, has been delayed. Filming is expected to start at the end of this summer if everything goes according to plan.

While fans will have to wait to see the two reunite, at least Cox and Perry are still keeping up with one another on social media. This past March, Cox posted a silly dance video on Instagram, prompting Perry to make a noticeably Chandler-esque comment: “Hi honey, what the hell just happened?” It seems like everyone is ready to see the two actors interacting on screen once more, but hopefully, it won’t be used as ammo in any more lazy tabloid stories about them.

With additional reporting by Gossip Cop staff.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.

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