Chris Evans ‘Crushed’ By Ex Jenny Slate’s Pregnancy Announcement?

Chris Evans has had a star-studded dating history, but his arguably most popular relationship was with comedian and actress Jenny Slate. With Slate having recently announced her pregnancy, insiders are saying that Evans hasn’t taken the news well. Here’s what we know.


Chris Evans Is Apparently Heartbroken

The National Enquirer reports that Chris Evans “still has feelings for his ex” Jenny Slate, and the comedian’s recent announcement that she was expecting both a baby and wedding with fiance Ben Shattuck has left Evans “crushed” by the news. Slate and Evans dating for nearly two years before going their separate ways in 2018, but it reportedly wasn’t a clean break.

“Chris was blown away by Jenny’s baby news and wedding plans,” an anonymous insider reveals to the magazine, saying,

He believed they were the perfect couple. They’re both from Boston, they seemed to understand each other, and they shared the same sense of humor.

It wasn’t meant to be, the source explained, as Slate “had trouble adjusting to being arm candy for a Marvel superhero and dealing with women who threw themselves at him.” Now that she’s moved on to the next stage of her life, Evans is apparently heartbroken to realize she’s done so without him. “Chris turns 40 in June, and he’s gotten serious about finding a wife and starting a family,” an unnamed “friend” says. “Now he feels like he missed the boat with Jenny.”

Although the source notes that Evans is deeply grateful for his massively successful career, Slate has made him question whether or not it was worth it — and he might be regretting his role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe now. “Chris has dated off and on since Jenny split with him, but he hasn’t found the same magic with anyone else,” another tipster adds. “Jenny knows Chris still has feelings for her, but they don’t speak because she doesn’t want to make it any harder on him.”

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What Was Their Breakup Like?

From the way Jenny Slate explained it, her and Evans’ relationship and subsequent split was nothing like the tabloid’s depiction. For one, it was obviously a deeply emotional and personal process between two people who knew each other extremely well. It wasn’t just Slate walking out on a pitiful Captain America, and she was somewhat happy to be able to show up with Evans and prove that traditionally beautiful men aren’t only for runway supermodels. While Slate noted at the time that she and Evans weren’t frequently talking because of how intense their relationship had been, she said that she looked forward to being friends with him again — not ignoring him.

Another thing is the fact that this depiction of Chris Evans in some sort of midlife crisis doesn’t add up with his own words. He told The Hollywood Reporter last year that he feels nearly the exact opposite way when it comes to relationships, saying, “I’m the one who fears being enveloped. I was always a really autonomous guy my whole life. Camping by myself is one of my favorite things.” If nothing else, we expect Evans to be quite happy for Slate and her new partner.

While the Enquirer is right that Evans has been extremely grateful for his time in the spotlight, he’s glad that he’s one of the few actors with the ability to do his own thing after wrapping up a massive role. There’s no reason to believe that he’d trade all that for a relationship that had obviously reached its endpoint.

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Evans’ Romantic Life Is A Hot Topic

Besides, we can’t forget that this is the National Enquirer. It previously made up a bogus romance between Chris Evans and Margaret Qualley. At least this time, the outlet’s sticking with people that actually have a connection with the Defending Jacob star. The tabloid even came up with a similar narrative about Ryan Seacrest questioning his career choices after realizing he was getting older and feeling regret about his past breakups. Not every star in Hollywood feels the need to be married, let alone by a randomly specific age, and there’s not a whole lot of value in promoting that antiquated viewpoint.

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Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.

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