Chris Evans Admitted To His Awful Fashion Sense During His First Movie

For the past 9 years, Chris Evans has graced the big screen as Captain America in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Of course, Evans has also played a wide variety of characters in recent years. However, he did have a very humble beginning.

Evans’ first successful film, was the 2001 parody, Not Another Teen Movie. Evans played the main character, Jake Wyler, a popular but dimwitted jock who falls for a rebellious bookworm. The movie developed a cult-like following, and put Evans on the map. When it came to the actor’s style when making the film, it seems he was more in tune with the character than he realized.

The actor made an impression at his audition

The actor, it seems, had no sense of style in youthful days before he became an A-list celebrity. Evans was called out for his bad taste in fashion when he auditioned for the role of Wyler. During a segment with People TV about the movie, Joel Gallen, writer and director of Not Another Teen Movie, specifically mentioned Evans’ fashion sense after remembering what he wore to his audition.

“Chris Evans literally came in the last week of casting. You know, this 19-year-old kid from Boston kinda strolled in. And I remember he lacked all fashion as I recalled,” the director commented. “He did not have a great outfit on,” writer Mike Bender added jokingly. While we may not know what the actor specifically wore to his audition, we can take an educated guess as to what it could’ve been. Evans’ choice of fashion while promoting the film might be a big clue.

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The clothes maketh the Chris Evans

While looking back on his youthful days during an interview with MTV, Evans was given an example of his past fashion blunders. The host shared an old clip from the set of the film when the cast, including Evans, was promoting the movie and answering questions.

Evans was stunned by the clip, but he was even more so appalled by his outfit choice. “What am I wearing? I’m wearing a velour tracksuit, bro! Obviously, before the days of having people tell me what to do, wear, and say,” he joked. Evans confirmed that the track suit was from his own wardrobe and that he wore a lot of them in the past.

When asked who he was in his younger days of velour, Chris Evans simply stated that he used to be “youthful, naive, and optimistic.” While the actor may have traded his optimism for a successful career, at least he managed to hone his fashion skills — or at least, what he wears to press events — to a highly respectable point.

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