Channing Tatum, Jenna Dewan ‘At Each Other’s Throats’ Amid Renewed Divorce Battle?

Is Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan‘s divorce battle heating up once again? One tabloid insists recent comments from Dewan have added fuel to the fire of their nasty divorce. Gossip Cop investigates.

Channing Tatum And Jenna Dewan Prepare For ‘Courtroom Showdown’?

The most recent edition of Life & Style reports Channing Tatum and his ex-wife, Jenna Dewan, are at each other’s throats after Dewan made a slight against Tatum. Dewan recently opened up about her experiences giving birth to her and Tatum’s daughter.

On the podcast Dear Gabby, Dewan admitted that Tatum “wasn’t available” after they welcomed their daughter to the world in 2013 because of his hectic work schedule. Without having Tatum to lean on, Dewan said she was left alone to grapple with “a lot of postpartum anxiety.” The magazine admits that Dewan did clarify that she didn’t mean to offend her ex-husband, but the tabloid quickly points out that the former couple is going back to court to settle their finances.

According to the tabloid, the former couple has an issue with the percentages they both receive from the Magic Mike franchise. According to the tabloid, Dewan assisted Tatum in creating the films and live shows and isn’t happy with her percentage of the earnings. An inside source dishes, “They’ve both been digging up documents, evidence, anything they can find to take the other down,” adding, “Jenna’s already given Channing a taste of what’s to come. It’s definitely going to get messy.”

Jenna Dewan Trying To Take Channing Tatum Down?

So, is it true Dewan is doing everything in her power to bring her ex-husband down? We seriously doubt it. First of all, Dewan more than clarified that she never meant to claim Tatum was anything less than a devoted father. Dewan tweeted a statement that read, “It’s unfortunate that countless media outlets have taken an important conversation on a woman’s experience with postpartum issues and pulled quotes to make it appear that I was slamming my daughter’s father, something I would never do.” If Dewan were so determined to bring Tatum down, why would she even bother to clarify her comments?

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And while it’s true Tatum and Dewan are going back to court to settle their finances, the outlet gets a lot of the facts wrong about their dispute. First of all, it wasn’t Dewan that was unhappy with their arrangement. According to E!, it was Tatum’s legal team that requested a trial date to address “issues” pertaining to “dissolution, child support, spousal support, attorney fees, division of some property, and reimbursements and credits.”

Despite the outlet’s implication, Dewan isn’t dragging her ex-husband back to court to take all of his Magic Mike earnings. The couple is going back to court to broadly reassess their financial arrangement. Divorce is a complicated thing, especially when it comes to finances. That being said, there’s nothing to suggest Dewan wishes the father of her child any ill will. In fact, Dewan and Tatum have been successfully co-parenting their daughter for years now. It’s nothing less than insulting to claim Tatum and Dewan are “at each other’s throats.”

There Are More Channing Tatum Rumors

Life & Style has been less than reliable in the past when it comes to Channing Tatum. Just last year, the tabloid claimed the actor was being set up with Charlize Theron. Of course, Gossip Cop found that story to be totally false as well. But the tabloid has been wrong about other divorced couples as well. Just last year, the outlet alleged Angelina Jolie was using her kids to spy on her ex-husband, Brad Pitt. And earlier this year, the magazine published a misleading cover story alleging Kelly Clarkson’s divorce was getting “uglier” and affecting their kids. Obviously, Life & Style can’t be trusted to report accurately on celebrity divorces.

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