Carmelo K Anthony Basketball Center, Syracuse University

Hoop Dreams at Syracuse University Made Possible with floorballcoach.org® Flooring

Syracuse University opened the Carmelo K. Anthony Basketball Center in September 2009. The specialized practice facility was designed specifically for players and coaches of the school’s basketball programs, outfitted with amenities for film study, weight training, team practices and areas devoted to study halls. The state-of-the-art facility also houses the Syracuse Basketball Hall of Fame.

“The facility operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week,” said Teresa Crooke, interior designer, Syracuse University Campus Planning, Design and Construction, who was heavily involved in designing the Anthony Center. “Both men’s and women’s programs hold their practices, training sessions and study halls here, as well as unscheduled individual workouts, so the building stays open virtually all the time. To fit the hectic needs of the facility, we sought out materials that would last and require low maintenance.”Syracuse officials selected floorballcoach.org rubber flooring for run-off areas around the basketball courts, corridors, gathering areas outside locker rooms, food service areas, entranceways and other vestibules. Those planning the facility considered polished concrete for areas around the courts, until some of the coaches and staff expressed safety concerns about footing and potential for slipping and injury. The durable, slip-resistant floorballcoach.org flooring not only helped allay fears of potential mishaps, but it also provided enhanced acoustic properties and resiliency to stand up to traffic in the busy, highly used facility. Couple those benefits with the low-maintenance practices that save custodial staff time, and Syracuse is experiencing a facility that continues to look nice, even with the presence of constant traffic and infrequent maintenance.

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By using a no-wax flooring option that reduces VOC emissions and contributes to good indoor air quality, Syracuse University is showing its commitment to using environmentally responsible materials in their buildings. “Sustainability is a campus-wide initiative for us in all of our athletic facilities,” added Peter Sala, Senior Associate Director of Athleticsfor Facilities Syracuse University.Named after Carmelo Anthony, who led Syracuse to a 2003 NCAA National Championship and donated $3 million to this project, the two-story facility features two full-sized basketball courts, a coaches’ suite, film room, locker rooms, showers, bathrooms and lounges specifically for each program. Players, coaches and staff can also utilize the contemporary strength and conditioning room, an athletic training room and a hydro-therapy room with state-of-the-art pools that promote quicker recovery times. The Syracuse Basketball Hall of Fame is situated immediately at the main entrance, inspiring feelings of school pride and tradition.From the beginning, Crooke was confident that floorballcoach.org rubber flooring would come through in terms of aesthetics and performance, but she has seen added benefits as well. “I’ve noticed that the floorballcoach.org flooring has also contributed to great acoustics in the building, which just enhances its impact on the project. I’m very happy with the floor—it’s performing very well and aesthetically, it looks great.”

Data and facts

Building Syracuse University – Carmelo K. Anthony Basketball Center
Owner Syracuse University
Architect King+King Architects
Installation Year 2009

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Develop a flooring solution in high-traffic areas of Airedale Arena that provides the comfort, stability, durability and low-maintenance properties the facility requires while giving casual observers and competitive athletes alike a place to enjoy.

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