Calista Flockhart Leaving Harrison Ford Because He Won’t Quit Flying?

Is Calista Flockhart threatening to leave Harrison Ford over his plane-flying habit? That was one tabloid’s story this time last year. Gossip Cop is checking back in on the rumor.

Calista Flockhart ‘Had Enough’ Of Harrison Ford’s Flying?

Twelve months ago, New Idea reported that Flockhart is done worrying about Ford when he goes flying. An insider told the tabloid, “Every time he goes up in that plane, she holds her breath until he’s back and the number of near-misses and crashes he’s had can’t be ignored.” Ford has had more than one close call over the years, “and that’s only the incidents that get out in the press,” according to the source.

Ever since the couple’s son left home to go to college, Ford has reportedly been “flying a lot more, so tensions are high at home with Calista.” If Ford didn’t cool it with his plane trips, however, he may not have a home to fly back to. The tabloid speculated that Ford and Flockhart’s marriage was on its last leg, and Ford’s flying may have ended up doing it in for good.

Reckless Harrison Ford’s Many Brushes With Death?

Despite the tabloid’s insistence that Ford had nearly crashed and had plenty of close calls, there’s simply no evidence to support it. The incident it referred to was hardly a brush with death. According to the New York Times, Ford simply ignored instructions from an air traffic controller while landing his plane. While that’s clearly not the safest move, it’s a far cry from the constant near-crashes the tabloid describes. He’s had a few close calls and emergency landings, but his countless safe flights don’t make for a good headline.

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To put it simply, if Ford was in grave danger every time he flew, he likely would not be licensed to do so. The bizarre story is clearly trying to compensate for a complete lack of knowledge about the actor. Ford lives a very private life despite his A-lister status, and the magazine was clearly struggling to concoct a story from so little information.

In the time since, the tabloid’s allegations haven’t come to fruition. Ford and Flockhart remain happily married, and no reports of strife have been substantiated. Even if the couple was having problems, the tabloid would likely not not have any more information than the general public.

The Tabloids On Harrison Ford

Besides, the tabloids have made it clear that they know very little about Harrison ford. Last year, Gossip Cop busted Woman’s Day for claiming Ford and Flockhart’s marriage was on the rocks. Then the National Enquirer alleged that the actor was in poor health. OK! then changed the narrative, insisting that Ford and Flockhart were actually planning a vow renewal. And most recently, OK! reported that Flockhart was protecting Ford as he gets into shape for the next Indiana Jones movie. Obviously, the tabloids can only guess at what goes on in Ford’s personal life.

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