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Mechanicsville, MD- With Maryland Internationwide Raceway(MDIR) finishing it’s 2020 shortened season over the Thanksgiving weekfinish, they released their 2021 racing schedule on Monday. As of now, they are still operating under the Governor’s order that prohibits spectators at their events. And they’ve planned their 2021 seachild to go that means additionally.

Chris Higgins, Director of Marketing and PR for MDIR said of having actually no spectators this previous season,” It was odd, to say the least. We had to make the majority of adjustments throughout the seaboy to make points job-related. We had to cancel events, reschedule others, cancel talent and also exhibition cars at multiple occasions. We cannot wait to acquire fans earlier in the stands, hopecompletely, next seaboy. We have actually missed them for sure!”

MDIR frequently starts the racing season at the start of March, through test and tune founding earlier, dependent on the weather. Due to COVID last year and the Governor’s Orders shutting dvery own occasions, MDIR never got a possibility to fully showinstance the racing talent to its fans. MDIR did not hold an occasion until Saturday, May 30, 2020; which was a test and also tune. Then the major occasion of the weekfinish, the 1/8-mile Gambler’s Race. Their complete Speed Unlimited Midnight Madness Program began in mid-June.

“We had multiple cancellations throughout the year. With having actually to cshed in March, we did not acquire to reopen up until the last weekfinish in May. We were able to reschedule Door Wars, yet we did lose every various other occasion in that time framework consisting of HDAY. After reopening, Jet Wars was canceled for the first time in its 42 years for a reason various other than weather. Plus, PDRA, Streetcar Takeover, and also one of the many prestigious, biggest, world-renowned occasions, the World Cup Finals – Import Vs Domestic, were additionally canceled because of the pandemic. While we were not able to have spectators, we were able to run nearly all various other events via some modifications being made to each wright here it was needed,” Higgins sassist.

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The crew at MDIR was able to carry some of their bigger races to the track this seachild consisting of the Xtreme Dragbike Association (XDA), Kings of the Creek, Truck Mania, and the Haltech World Cup Finals. Unfortunately because of COVID expensive spectator occasions prefer the Jet Wars and the Professional Drag Racing Associations(PDRA) were canceled. The PDRA actually moved their race to Virginia for the year and also will be back at MDIR this coming season.

“After a lot conversation via Tommy and also Tyler, it was clear the finest option for the series and this occasion wregarding move the place and also the date,” sassist Royce Miller, General Manager, MDIR, in an intercheck out through Drag Illustrated. “I totally assistance this decision and want what is ideal for the irreversible wellness of the PDRA series and future occasions at MDIR. Many kind of challenging decisions need to be made to navigate the existing setting we are in. I applaud Tommy and also Tyler for functioning via this in addition to me, and also we look forward to many kind of great future PDRA occasions at MDIR.”

“We did have to reframework a couple of events via some talent cancellations in order to cut back on overhead prices. We also constructed a few new occasions such as Total Chaos Night of Radials and also the Hail Mary Derby to replace some of the events that were cancelled. Due to the fact that we were enabled participants via minimal crew members, the participants that came out this year were fantastic! We had some impressive support from our regional racers and also others throughout the area and we were able to store things going. We cannot give thanks to them enough! We additionally restricted the food selection at the concession stand to just a few of the more famous items and cut ago souvenir sales to mainly requirement items a participant might have actually required,” says Higgins when asked around offsetting loss of ticket and concession sales.

Signature distinct occasions in 2021 will include: two Swap Meets, 2 DK Racing grudge events, HDAY, Atomizer Racing Injectors Door Wars, four Xtreme Dragbike Association (XDA) occasions, two Total Chaos Night of Radials, Hail Mary Derby, three Custom T’s Grudge occasions, King of the Creek 25k’s, Truck Mania, two War on Wheels occasions, Professional Drag Racers Association (PDRA), Jet Wars, DonkMaster, Street Car Takeover, Pro Challenge and also Internationwide Hot Rod Association (IHRA) Summit Sportsman Spectacular, IREV, Street Warriors, IHRA Summit Series Team Finals, Superchargers Showdown, Ford Fever before Standard presented by the Mid-Atlantic Ford Dealers, Mopar Eastern Classic, and also the Haltech World Cup Finals – Import vs Domestic presented by Wiseco.

Several of the huge events coming to MDIR this 2021 Seakid are:

Credit: Maryland also International Raceway / Maryland also Internationwide Raceway

In motorcycle action, MDIR will certainly hold four action-packed weekends in 2021. Miller Brvarious other Productions retransforms through the Xtreme Dragbike Association (XDA) and also each of these events will certainly draw hundreds of motorcycle racers and fans. XDA will attribute 1/4 mile six-second, 230 mph Pro Street bikes in addition to sportsmale motorcycle racers. You deserve to discover out more information at www.XDAracing.com.

The Haltechnology Hail Mary Derby presented by Wiseco debuted in 2020 as a replacement for WCF, but because of the astounding success of the occasion, it will proceed in 2021! On May 13th-1sixth, 2021 The Derby is returning to Maryland Internationwide Raceway! Imports & Domestics are once aget unleashed as the classes and the rulebook are going to be thrown out! Racers are going for new personal bests, bragging civil liberties, and glory. Be certain to carry the power and tighten your shoes as Miller Brother Productions will be on the property functioning alongside the MDIR staff for this event! For more information go to: https://HailMaryDerby.com.

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The Professional Drag Racers Association (PDRA) is ago at MDIR next year June 24th – June 26th and will feature Pro Nitrous, Pro Boost, Extreme Pro Stock, Pro Outregulation 632, Pro Nitrous Motorcycle, Top Sportsman, Top Dragster, Bracket Bash, Pro Junior Dragster and also Top Junior Dragster. PDRA is home to the fastest 1/8-mile door slammers on the earth – so be certain not to miss all the action. You can uncover out even more about the PDRA at www.PDRA660.com.

The summer heats up with the rerevolve of the fan favorite Jet Wars and thrill present on Saturday July 10th in 2021. The “wow factor” occasion will certainly attribute fireworks, jet funny cars, jet dragsters, a jet truck, 1320 Fabrication Warrior Outlaws, MCOMPUTER Real Street, Speed Endless ET Series, and also more to be announced. This event is perfect for all eras and a perfect night for households to come out and also enjoy the show!

Street Car Takeover concerns MDIR on August 1fourth to hold their event in Maryland. This roll racing and also drag dacing series, “Wright here Street Cars Rule,” continues to thrive annually with an outstanding fan and vehicle count at each occasion. Tright here are 18 classes for this series giving practically eexceptionally kind of racer a class to run in. This is an event to present up early for as the car count will fill up easily and also so will the stands.

Credit: Maryland International Raceway / Maryland International Raceway

As with every season, we constantly save the finest for last. It’s the silver anniversary of among the biggest and also baddest occasions on the planet! The 2fifth yearly Haltechnology World Cup Finals presented by Wiseco will certainly function Import vs Domestic drag racing and also will be bigger than ever. This five-day occasion will certainly be held on November 3rd – November 7th and also draws cars from NMCA, NMRA, LSX Shootouts, Buick GN Shootouts, SSCSO, IREV, IFO, Pan-Amerideserve to Nationals, TX2K, and also eexceptionally other significant event and series. WCF has over 350 heads-up racers from over 10 various countries battling it out on the ¼-mile for over $145,000 in cash purse and bragging rights in front of 40,000+ fans. Adding to that excitement is the renowned bikini contest, a huge merchant midmethod, DJ’s and also even more. Records will certainly loss, legends will be made, and it all happens in one place! For even more indevelopment on this occasion visit: www.ImportVsDomestic.com.

Credit: Maryland International Racemeans / Maryland Internationwide Raceway

MDIR has actually some of the ideal bracket racers in the nation and we have a good “huge buck” bracket regime designed just for you in 2021. We will certainly organize the King of the Creek 25k’s occasion on June 3rd – 6th. MDIR will additionally host three two-day ET Blowout Weekends via $5K to win in Top ET, $2K to win in Mod ET and a bonus Hubble Motorsports Junior Dragster purse each day. The Spring Blowout will certainly be May first – second, the Summer Blowout will certainly be September 11th – 12th, and the Fall Blowout is October 30th – October 3first. Returning for 2021, tright here will certainly be a $5k Top ET race each day at the Superchargers Showdvery own. Racers at the IHRA Sportsmale Spectacular will have actually a possibility at $5k to win in Top ET, $2,500 in Mod ET and also $500 in Junior Dragster on August 20th – 22nd. MDIR is likewise proud to announce that we will certainly aget be the hold track for the 2021 IHRA Summit Team Finals on September 2third – September 2sixth. The Door Wars and also Sportsman Spectacular will certainly be ET Series points races for both Saturday and Sunday.

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The Midnight Madness Series and also E.T. Series are the backbone of our schedule and also promise to continue moving a fun and friendly competition for you and also your family to gain. Also, be certain to make Budds Creek your location when you need to Test & Tune your vehicle or bike on pick Friday nights and also Sundays.

You deserve to see the complete .pdf schedule here: MDIR 2021 Racing Schedule


Events will certainly be open to participants, their family members and crew just, with a maximum of 10 people total (including the driver) on any kind of race team.No spectators will certainly be permitted. Crew and also household must enter via the participant or leave names at the gate for a late-showing up family members or crew member.All race trailers, both open and also enclosed, should be parked in every-various other 12’ pit area. That way, a trailer is taking up one 12’ room and also tbelow is an empty 12’ space for race auto, family, and also crew alongside it. No trailers deserve to be parked side-by-side. This will help encertain social distancing.All extra vehicles that come into the pits have to park in front of the race auto in your pit location or in the Pitside parking lot… NO EXCEPTIONS.All staff and also participants will be wearing masks in any type of indoor frameworks, restrooms, tower, and so on and outdoors almost everywhere appropriate social distancing is not achievable. Masks will not be required outdoors through correct social distancing, yet they are recommended.Hand washing/sanitizing need to be done on a continual basis.The tower will certainly have actually limited accessibility and will be limited to necessary staff only.The crews will certainly be restricted on the founding line and also front of the staging lanes, via social distancing, exceptionally applied. Our protection staff and also founding line staff will closely monitor this location to proccasion unauthorized gathering.When not racing, racers are to abide by social distancing demands. Racers and crew members will be required to stay within their own pit locations once not racing.Each group need to have actually enough PPE for each crew member and also need to wear masks as soon as forced. All groups will be compelled to acquire their own PPE and bring it via them to the track.Our restrooms are equipped via hands-complimentary fixtures. Restrooms will be cleaned, stocked, and also sanitized throughout the day or evening. All Pitside portlets will be moved and taken out of business.Concessions will be open up, and also lines will be noted for correct social distancing. The concession stand also will certainly follow all guidelines in location for regional food company businesses. We will certainly be open up with a restricted menu of food items that should be consumed within your pit area or in the grandstands with proper social distancing but not in front of our concession area.Sign up for our newsletter

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