Bruce Springsteen Has A Curfew To Curb Drinking

Does Bruce Springsteen have to be home by a certain time? One report says the “Prove It All Night” singer has been placed on a curfew by wife Patti Scialfa. Is Springsteen really banned from the bars? Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Bruce Was Born To Run — Home!’

According to the National Enquirer, Springsteen is no longer allowed to go to the bar with the boys. Scialfa has reportedly given her husband a strict curfew ahead of his upcoming summer Broadway shows. An insider says that after Springsteen’s DUI charge last year, Scialfa wants to put the clamps on his drinking.

The source explains that Springsteen on Broadway “will be a challenge because Bruce loves to sit and talk in a dingy bar after work with a drink.” Scialfa, however, is apparently expecting him to head all the way back to New Jersey immediately following every gig. A source concludes that Scialfa “will read him the Riot Act if he puts even one boot inside a bar.”

What’s Going On With Bruce Springsteen?

This story is chock-full of misleading information. Most of this story is spent rehashing Springsteen’s DUI incident, but it fails to actually explain what happened. He blew well under the legal limit and saw nearly every charge dropped. The Enquirer stresses that he still had to pay $540 in fines to try and make the event sound as bad as possible.

The incident led to a slew of tabloid stories about Springsteen. Woman’s Day went so far as to say Scialfa and Springsteen could get divorced. Springsteen had no record prior to this incident and is well known for not abusing drugs, so there’s simply nothing to this story.

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Patti Scialfa Is Also On Tour

What this tabloid doesn’t mention is that Patti Scialfa is a part of Springsteen’s Broadway show. She performs “Tougher Than The Rest” and “Fire” with her husband. She’s not dictating what he can and can’t do from New Jersey — she’s right beside him through this whole tour. Since Scialfa is there, the existence of this curfew makes no sense.

After the DUI, this very outlet claimed Springsteen’s friends were worried about his drinking. Real friends don’t talk to tabloids, so that story could not be true. Gossip Cop has debunked stories with curfews before as well. It’s nothing more than a trope to suggest severe marital strife where there is none.

Just to review: Patti Scialfa is not waiting up for Bruce Springsteen in New Jersey, and there’s no need to establish a curfew in the first place. Gossip Cop will also mention that the two celebrated their thirtieth anniversary last month, so they definitely get along and can communicate without ultimatums. This story is false on just about every level.

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