Brie Larson’s Insane Workout Routine Proves She Really Is Captain Marvel

Brie Larson’s Instagram makes it clear that she’s really into fitness. The Oscar winner has a plethora of posts that show her 6.7 million followers just what it takes to be a big screen superhero. From boxing sessions to weight training to rock climbing, Larson’s insane workout routine — credited to her physical trainer, Jason Walsh — proves why she’s really Captain Marvel in real life, too.

A Run Down Of Larson’s Workout Routine

One Arm Pull-Ups

Lifting your body weight is hard enough when doing traditional pull-ups. But Larson takes things to the next level in her workouts when she does one-arm pull-ups under her trainer’s watchful eye.

One Arm Push-Ups

Larson’s upper body strength is impressive. In addition to one-arm pull-ups, the Marvel star can also pull off one-arm push-ups.

Incorporating Heavy Weights

Larson regularly incorporates strength training into her workouts, and she uses a lot of weight for moves like hip thrusts and deadlifts. As Women’s Health points out, there are numerous benefits to weight training, including muscle building and improving bone density.

Going Outside Of The Gym

Larson’s not always inside a weight room or burning calories on a cardio machine. She’s been known to take her workouts outside of the gym — like going to assault courses and rock walls — to keep fit.

Getting Sweaty In The Boxing Ring

The Captain Marvel star has also been known to get sweaty as hell in the boxing ring. Going all out will have your heart rate through the roof and your muscles reaching fatigue quite quickly. When she’s done, Larson often finds herself laying flat on the floor.

Dancing The Day Away

Dance workouts aren’t just for professional dancers and entertainers. Even if you don’t have any rhythm, there are many benefits to dancing. Larson has taken the opportunity to learn some dance skills with some support from her friends.

“New Year new chance to get in step and out of step and then back in it again and all the way through let your sisters cheer you on,” Larson wrote on Instagram.

Setting And Smashing Fitness Goals

When she’s working with heavy weights, Larson is always looking to achieve her PBs (Personal Best). During this squat thrust set, she pushed through 335 lbs, 350 lbs. and then 400 lbs. It’s not just about setting your fitness goals, it’s about smashing them.

Using Resistance Bands

Another tool in Larson’s workout arsenal is resistance bands. This versatile piece of equipment allows Larson to do activation exercises, strength training and low impact cardio. Resistance bands can tone, strengthen, and sculpt lean muscle, which is why the Marvel star loves to add them to her workouts.

“A strong woman is a woman determined to do something others are determined not be done,” Larson wrote in the caption of a post that featured her using resistance bands for an upper body workout.

Giving Every Workout Her All

Becoming a superhero takes hard work and determination. To reach her fitness goals, Larson makes sure to give it all she’s got every time she’s in the gym, even if it means doing push-ups with heavy AF chains for added resistance.

Teaming Up With Others

Whether it’s with her personal trainer or with her friends, Larson makes sure to have some company when she’s putting in her time at the gym. Walsh is often heard in the background of her videos coaching her through difficult moves, while Larson’s bestie Jennie sometimes shows up in her post-workout selfies.

Changing It Up

Doing the same sets every day with the same equipment and the same amount of weight is can become boring and ineffective. That’s why Larson changes things up regularly. An example is her doing jackknifes while throwing a 12 lb medicine ball.

Having Fun With It

Larson also has fun with her workouts. For example, she likes to to call out her fellow Marvel co-stars — like Thor’s Chris Hemsworth — when she’s working out with sledgehammers.

Remembering To Stretch And Recover

And to tie it all together, Larson never forgets to stretch and recover before or after her fitness routines. The Marvel star also makes sure to get proper rest in between workouts to give her muscles time to recover.

Because of her rigorous training schedule, Larson says she takes recovery more seriously than ever before. Her recovery routine features a Theragun, a muscle roller, a Venom heating and vibrating pad, stretching and yoga.

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