Bradley Cooper, Renée Zellweger Secretly Dating Again?

Are Bradley Cooper and Renee Zellweger secretly dating again? That’s what one of the tabloid’s wants you to believe. Gossip Cop can set the record straight.

The two stars dated from 2009 to 2011 before going their separate ways, but according to OK!, they recently rekindled their romance. According to a so-called “source,” Cooper and Zellweger reconnected after bumping into each other during awards season. “The timing was perfect since they’re both single,” adds the questionable insider. “Once they got to chatting, it was clear to both of them that the chemistry was still there.”

The supposed tipster goes on to say that Cooper “ended up inviting her out to dinner and she accepted right away,” which led to several more secret dates. The tabloid doesn’t bother to give a specific time frame for when these dates started. Additionally, the two haven’t been photographed tougher on any outings together, despite both being constantly targeted by the paparazzi.

Still, the seemingly phony source continues, “It’s very low-key and neither of them is getting too carried away. But Renee’s cautiously optimistic that they could have what it takes to make it work this time. Bradley’s excited to be giving things a chance too.”

Here’s what’s really happening: Cooper and Zellweger were photographed having a friendly interaction at the Oscars this past weekend. OK! saw the picture of the two and decided to create this tale of a renewed romance. The two stars appear to be on good terms after ending their relationship nearly a decade ago, but they’re not back together. A rep for Zellweger laughs off the tabloid’s story, while a source close to Cooper tells us there’s “no truth” to it.

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It must be noted, OK! has trouble keeping track of its fictional articles about Cooper’s love life. Just a few weeks ago, Gossip Cop busted the tabloid for falsely claiming Cooper was secretly dating Ana de Armas, his co-star in the 2016 movie War Dogs. Suddenly he’s been romancing Zellweger throughout awards season? The magazine can’t even be bothered to stay consistent when it makes up stories.

In December, Gossip Cop called out the publication for claiming Sienna Miller was organizing dates between Cooper and her various friends. That scenario wasn’t based in reality either. Last March, the magazine came up with an outrageously untrue story about Cooper getting engaged to Lady Gaga and buying a home with her in Los Angeles. The A Star Is Born co-stars have never been a couple. When it comes to the actor’s love life, the tabloid is just throwing everything at the wall to see what sticks. None of it’s sticking.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.

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