Brad Pitt’s Mom ‘Nagging’ Him To Reunite With Jennifer Aniston?

Is Brad Pitt‘s mom really “nagging” him to reunite with Jennifer Aniston? That’s what one of the tabloids is reporting. Gossip Cop can set the record straight.

According to the Globe, no one wants the ex-spouses to rekindle their romance more than Pitt’s mother, Jane. An alleged source is quoted as saying, “Jane was deeply affected when Brad and Jen split in 2005, and she always prayed they’d find a way to reunite.” The unknown source says Jane has always though of the Friends star “as a daughter,” even throughout her son’s marriage to Angelina Jolie. “She’s told Brad point-blank that she hopes to see them back together and remarried,” adds the unidentified tipster.

The tabloid’s story is based on the word of anonymous source, but Pitt’s own spokesperson says his mom isn’t involved in his love life. The actor and his ex-wife aren’t headed for a romantic reunion, despite their brief run-in at this year’s SAG Awards creating a lot of hoopla. Pitt and Aniston congratulated each other backstage at the event, but reputable publications such as People magazine have confirmed there’s no romance on the horizon. “They are friends and happy for each other,” wrote the outlet, adding that Aniston “is happy to have Brad back in her life as a friend, but that’s it.”

These bogus article involving Pitt’s mother have become their own subgenre in the tabloid world. Just last month, Gossip Cop busted the Globe‘s sister outlet, the National Enquirer, for falsely claiming Pitt’s mom was rooting for him to marry Aniston again. Last year, Star – another one of the Globe‘s sister publications, wrongly reported that Aniston had renewed her friendship with her ex-husband’s mother.

In 2018, RadarOnline, which is yet another sister outlet of the tabloid, made up a story about Pitt’s mom begging him to get back together with Aniston. In 2017, that same blog said Pitt’s mother had called Aniston and begged her to get back together with her son. At the time that ridiculous article was published, the Friends star was still married to Justin Theroux. Just last week, the U.K. magazine Heat got in on the action by alleging Jane was warning her son not to “mess it up” with Aniston.

This ongoing saga is as fictional as it gets. It’s unclear why the gossip media is so intent on dragging Pitt’s mom into these phony stories about him and Aniston. At this point, we’d like to hear his dad’s take on things. That version of events might be equally untrue, but at least it would be a change of pace.

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Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.

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