Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston Have A ‘Secret Daughter’ Together?

No, Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston do not have a “secret daughter” together, despite what one ridiculous new tabloid headline claims. The story is absolute nonsense. Gossip Cop can set the record straight.

“Brad Pitt & Jennifer Aniston’s Secret Daughter Revealed!” reads a headline in this week’s New Idea. In one of the most instantly disappointing clickbait titles of all time, the tabloid vies for your attention by teasing a supposed Pitt/Aniston love child who had been kept hidden all these years from the evil Angelina Jolie. But read all of one sentence in and it’s clear you’ve been duped. Rather, the outlet speaks of Pitt’s niece, whom he “loves like his own” according to “many sources.”

According to a likely-nonexistent “insider,” Pitt’s niece “shares a special bond” with Aniston and “always called her Aunt Jen.” After graduating college this year, the young woman allegedly has an “open invitation to [Pitt’s] beloved Santa Barbara mansion as a graduation present” and that he and Aniston, “who recently reunited, are spoiling her rotten.”

Even if Aniston and said niece did have a good relationship when Aniston was married to Pitt fifteen years ago, the truth, plain and simple, is that Pitt and Aniston are not back together. The whole point of this article is to try and shoehorn the exes back into a relationship, but it can’t make an even mildly convincing case. As Gossip Cop, other reputable outlets, Pitt and Aniston’s reps, and the ex-spouses themselves have confirmed many, many times, it’s just not happening.

So, no Pitt/Aniston reunion. And, obviously, no “secret daughter” either, just a niece whose social media this tabloid has combed through to try to find out about her life. We’re not going to link her accounts here, because holy moly let’s not give out information about a 22-year-old private citizen just to sell magazines, ok?

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Oh! And let’s not forget about how for the past two weeks New Idea has been stubbornly insisting that Pitt was developing a relationship with Australian reporter Renee Bargh. Near the end of May, the tabloid claimed that Pitt and Bargh would soon be dating after a couple flirtatious run-ins on the red carpet. Gossip Cop dismissed the story: just a couple weeks ago, Bargh had laughed off rumors about her and Pitt. She was just being a friendly interviewer.

Nevertheless, the following week the tabloid was back with this narrative, now contending that Pitt and Bargh’s romance had been “confirmed.” In yet another instance of ludicrous clickbait, it turned out that the magazine had no confirmation of a relationship whatsoever. Still, what about Renee Bargh, New Idea? Did you think we’d forget about that? Gossip Cop never forgets.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.

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