Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie Fighting Over Shiloh Dressing In “Boys’ Clothes”?

A new report claiming Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are fighting over Shiloh and her choice of clothes is made-up. The story comes from an outlet that has published so many falsehoods about the two stars and their kids that their articles frequently contradict each other. Gossip Cop has the truth about whether Pitt and Jolie are sparring over their 12-year-old and how she dresses.

According to Woman’s Day Australia, Jolie and Pitt are battling over Shiloh wearing “boys’ clothes.” The often discredited tabloid asserts the preteen’s style of dress has been a “source of tension” between the parents. The publication also alleges it has an “insider” who says that of all their six children, Shiloh is the one having the most “trouble” dealing with Jolie’s and Pitt’s divorce. The anonymous and possibly fabricated source contends that while Shiloh would like to “repair her relationship with Brad,” the actor is having a hard time dealing with the youngster’s “desire to dress like a boy.”

The unnamed tipster adds in unnaturally biographical language that, even though Pitt looks like a “hippie” at times, the Once Upon A Time In Hollywood actor still holds close the values he had from being “raised in an ultra-conservative Baptist family in the American Midwest.” The reality, which is not offered by the tabloid, is that Pitt is very open-minded in general and extremely supportive of all his kids, including Shiloh. Additionally, while he may have been raised as a Baptist, Pitt is now an atheist.

The magazine ends its manufactured tale by speculating that Pitt’s “refusal to accept Shiloh’s wardrobe choices” may be what “turned Charlize Theron off… after their fling” since the South African actress has recently been vocal about her older daughter being transgender. The tabloid’s almost assuredly concocted “source” concludes, “If Brad has an issue with Shiloh, Charlize would find it unacceptable in a romantic partner.”

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There are so many fibs in the publication’s article that it’s difficult to decide where to begin. Glaringly, the outlet makes no mention of Shiloh’s proposed “tell-all” about Pitt and Jolie’s divorce. As opposed to the current story, which now maintains several of the “kids don’t want to see Brad,” last August the magazine diametrically claimed Shiloh was working on an explosive “tell-all” that was going to expose how “miserable” the children were with Jolie, and how “she and her siblings miss [their dad] and want him back in their lives.”

Also when slapping together this new collection of lies, including how Pitt’s supposed “issue with Shiloh” would make the actor an “unacceptable” partner for Theron, the tabloid appears to have forgotten its previous reports. Just three month ago, for example, Gossip Cop busted Woman’s Day when it ran a cover story that falsely announced Pitt and Theron were engaged, and “Shiloh helped pick the ring” because she “loves Charlize” (below). That was followed this past February with yet another whopper about how Pitt and Theron were moving in together.

And yet after the magazine previously insisted they were set to wed and were living together, the outlet now pretends Theron is turned off by Pitt. Of course, Pitt and Theron were never even involved romantically. Not only did his rep confirm to Gossip Cop they’ve never dated, but Theron herself recently revealed she’s been “single for 10 years.”

(Woman’s Day)

Curiously, the magazine doesn’t offer how Jennifer Aniston feels about this. Before untruthfully claiming he was engaged to Theron, the very same publication incorrectly reported Pitt and Aniston got married again in a secret wedding. That was followed up by yet another phony cover story that Gossip Cop debunked about Aniston being pregnant with Pitt’s baby.

Significantly, each of that outlet’s articles are based on untraceable and seemingly made-up sources. Conversely, and this is important, Pitt’s rep went on the record specifically with Gossip Cop to shoot down the all previous pieces about Shiloh, Theron, and Aniston. Suffice to say, while the tabloid’s purported insiders have been repeatedly wrong about Pitt, we’ve been consistently accurate about him and his relationship with his children, including Shiloh. The truth, of which that magazine appears to know very little about, is that Pitt and Jolie are not fighting over how Shiloh dresses in “boys’ clothes,” and they both love her unconditionally.

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