‘Boy Crazy’ Angelina Jolie’s ‘Midlife Crisis’ Leading Her To ‘Controversial’ Romances?

Angelina Jolie was with Brad Pitt since 2005, adopting and having a total of six kids together before ultimately divorcing in 2019. Since their custody ruling last month that granted Pitt 50/50 custody, tabloids have been watching Jolie like a hawk trying to pin down who she is dating next. One such outlet claims the actress is “boy crazy” due to a “midlife crisis.” Gossip Cop investigates. 

Desperately Looking for Mr. Right?

New Idea is reporting that Jolie is not giving up on love after her very public divorce. In fact, the outlet infers she’s been dating around. “Definitely gone boy crazy,” a source told the publication, noting Jolie has become “very jaded since Brad and just wants to find Mr. Right.”

The article links the actress to DJ Diplo, ex-husband Jonny Lee Miller, and The Weeknd, all in the last few months. Jolie was first connected to Diplo through her son Pax. The musician took a photo of the actress at a barbeque and posted it on his Instagram back in April. 

Then, she was seen heading into ex-husband Jonny Lee Miller’s apartment with an expensive bottle of wine, sparking rumors of a reconciliation. The two originally divorced in 2000, though they were only together for 18 months. Finally, she was attached to The Weeknd after being seen at the same restaurant. The magazine notes that the performer namechecked Jolie in one of his songs where he mentioned being attracted to the actress. “She’s trying to reclaim a part of her youth – it’s a bit of a midlife crisis,” the source said.

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Gossip Cop’s Take

It’s clear to Gossip Cop that the outlet took a few encounters Jolie has had over the last couple of months and turned them into this BS story. That “photo” Diplo took at the barbeque was literally over a bag of Cheetos. The DJ took a sneaky candid picture of the Eternals actress while she was talking to someone else. She clearly had no idea the picture was being taken. Who can blame him? If the average person sees a celebrity on the street, they might take a discrete photo for street cred anyway. Stars — they’re just like us. We covered this story in more detail back in April. 

The article also attempts to romanticize the business dinner Jolie had with The Weeknd, who is trying his hand at acting in the upcoming HBO show The Idol. The lyrics the outlet mentions that are supposedly this big romantic gesture are actually about a stripper having Angelina Jolie lips, so let’s not go crazy and assume they are a couple just yet.

As for her connection to her ex-husband to Jonny Lee Miller, Jolie is entitled to visit whoever she’d like. They could just be friends or even something more, but still, walking into an apartment building isn’t proof of anything. Woman’s Day has been trying to link Miller with Jolie ever since she was snapped outside of his apartment. The outlet tried to claim they’d been dating for two years. Another article they ran reported Miller only got his upcoming role on The Crown because of his “current” connection to Jolie. It’s all made up.

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