Bindi Irwin Tension ‘Running High’ With Mother Terri Amid Pregnancy, Headed For A Delivery Room Showdown?

Are tensions running high between Bindi Irwin and her mother, Terri? A tabloid claims the mother and daughter duo are headed for a hospital showdown with Irwin gives birth. Gossip Cop investigates the story.

Bindi Irwin’s Family Drama

Family drama is the theme for a recent article by New Idea. According to the tabloid, the increasing pressure of Bindi Irwin’s first pregnancy has become too much for her. The magazine splashes recent pictures of the expecting mother and claims she appeared to look stressed at the Australia zoo amid an “emotional” conversation with her mother. Supposed onlookers, however, reveal the complete opposite and say that Irwin was her usual jovial self. Gossip Cop would like to point the tabloid already contradicted itself within the first few paragraphs.

Terri Irwin Is Causing Bindi Grief?

Upon further reading, the publication writes that Irwin now has a strained relationship with Terri since she and her husband, Chandler Powell, live with Terri. “Bindi is finding her third trimester very hard. She is ready for that baby to be born so she can move out and start her own life,” an insider says. The outlet adds that Irwin, who wed Powell in 2020, also hopes to reconnect her whole family with her paternal grandfather, Bob, who she paid tribute to on her Instagram.

Bindi Wants A Family Reunion

“Bindi would love nothing more than to invite her grandfather to be in the hospital waiting room when his great-grandchild enters the world. She thinks it would be a nice touch to have four generations all together and have him be among the first to meet her daughter,” the source discloses. However, the insider claims this may not go over well with Terri, who will not budge from excluding Bob Irwin in their lives. Terri and Bob have long had an acrimonious relationship.

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“Terri hates fighting over Bob and avoids bringing him up in conversation. But for whatever reason, not even a baby will change her mind about that,” concludes the tipster.

There’s No Bad Blood Between Terri & Bindi

Terri Irwin indeed fell out with her late husband’s father years ago. That is the only piece of truth from the report. Gossip Cop has clarified several times that Bindi Irwin isn’t feuding with her mother and that her pregnancy is causing family issues. In fact, Terri Irwin has been very supportive and excited about the birth of her first grandchild. Frankly, the magazine doesn’t even have credible evidence to support its story. Tabloids have used a few unflattering photos as proof of something being wrong many times before, just as they are here.

New Idea isn’t the most reliable source when it comes to Bindi Irwin, either. Let’s not forget that this is the same outlet that had incorrectly claimed Bindi Irwin was having quadruplets. The publication also claimed that Irwin’s marriage to Powell was in trouble after she was spotted without her wedding ring. Gossip Cop disproved these ridiculous narratives, which is why the tabloid shouldn’t be trusted.

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