Bindi Irwin Fighting With Terri Irwin Over Steve’s Millions?

The death of Steve Irwin is a shocking event etched in everyone’s memory. His tragic death brought his family, his widow Terri Irwin and daughter Bindi Irwin especially, into the national spotlight. All these years later, as Bindi is pregnant with her first child, one tabloid reports that the family is fighting over money. Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Australia Zoo In Chaos’

The cover of Woman’s Day reports “the fight for Steve’s millions.” As Bindi Irwin’s pregnancy continues along, she and husband Chandler Powell are “preparing for their daughter’s future” in the form “of trust funda and wills.” While Terri is proud of her daughter, she never realized “they are sitting on a gold mine” until Bindi asked about it.

Up until now, Terri had been “Responsible for the family fortune and making payments to her kids.” A source says that Terri is only now discovering that her kids “are old enough now to have some form of control.” “The family is at odds over their fortune,” the headline says, and with Terri “worth around $100 million,” the fight could be costly.

Where’s The Fight?

This is a bait and switch story that promises conflict and delivers nothing. The cover and headline promised a “family in chaos,” but the entire article portrays everyone as being pretty civil. The story is really about Bindi’s financial planning causing Terri to realize her kids should be more financially independent. That’s not chaos at all.

The Family Is Famously Very Close

There is no evidence provided that Bindi and Chandler Powell are preparing wills for their unborn child. The idea that the family is “at odds” over money is preposterous as well. Bindi is very open on social media about her life, and she constantly posts photos supporting her mother. Bindi just released a book all about her family and shared the news with a picture of everyone together.

Just a few days before that, she posted another photo of her family captioned “my everything.”

It’s impossible to see these photos and conclude that they’re at each other’s throats over Steve’s fortune. The story is misleading and bogus.

Tabloid Has It Out For The Irwin’s

Gossip Cop routinely busts Woman’s Day for pushing rumors about Irwin’s arguing. It claimed Terri was “digging deep into her personal savings to give Bindi” a lavish baby shower. This week she’s worth $100 million, but back then she was digging deep for $90000? It’s both inconsistent and bogus. It claimed Bindi was going to call her wedding with Powell off, which obviously didn’t happened.

This story about money arguments is an extension of an October Woman’s Day story about Bindi and Terri arguing over motherhood. As Gossip Cop pointed out, just a cursory glance at Bindi’s Instagram page will show nothing but love for her mother. The family is tight-knit, and the pregnancy is only bringing people closer.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.

View more information: https://www.gossipcop.com/bindi-irwin-fighting-with-terri-irwin-over-steves-millions/1386/

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